Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 175 - If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution...

Good morning everyone, it is Friday.  Don't know where the week has gone but it has disappeared.  Looking forward to the weekend, think we are just gonna veg and enjoy some nice weather.

1 pkg regular oatmeal (110 calories)
2 oz 1% milk (20 calories)
2 mini mandarin oranges (60 calories)

8 oz V8 juice (70 calories)
8 oz M&M Shepherd's Pie (190 calories)
2 mini mandarin oranges (60 calories)

8 oz chili
1 potato skin

Not much an appetite tonight, really tired, looking forward to the weekend.  Son, his fiance, daughter and her family going to come by.  Will be nice to see the kids.  Hope to get the basketball hoop in place and then they can play some one on one.


  1. We LOVE shepard's pie - we also make a low fat version with turkey. So good - I need to look for M&M brand.

    Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

  2. Good morning, the week did seem to go by really fast. Hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend. Thanks for all the supportive comments about my menus on my blog.