Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 173 - A new dawn ..........

I had to laugh at myself as I read last evening's post.  Boy when I get tired I make absolutely no sense at  I hope everyone had a good day yesterday and a that today will be even better.  They finally got me some temporary help at work so hopefully things will get caught up and I can relax a bit.  Year end is always so stressful.

1 pkg regular instant oatmeal (110 calories)
4 oz 1% milk (40 calories)
2 mini mandarin oranges (60 calories)

1 pkg Michelina's Pepper Steak w/Rice (280 calories)
2 mini mandarin oranges (60 calories)

4 pieces dry pork ribs (280 calories)
1/2 cup white rice (80 calories)
1 cup cucumber slices (25 calories)

Well I have finally finished the tax returns that were sitting on my desk.  Everyone should be happy as they are all getting a nice return back this year.  Now I just have to get mine ready to take to the accountant and that is tax time finished for another year.  Hope everyone has had a good day and I am now off to bed for a well deserved half hour with my book and a good night's sleep.


  1. I like oatmeal too. I have it quite often for breakfast. Sorry to hear its stressful tax time. (Our year end falls in June.)
    Put your feet up and listen to some nice music when you get home, hey?
    xx Michaela

  2. I love those oranges-I am sad their season is ending soon and they are going to just be dry & blah. =(

  3. I love the mini California mandarin oranges. We get them here and I always buy some but them have to eat them a couple of times a day so they don't go bad. This box was especially juicy and sweet so I don't mind having 4 a day. Also, went to M&M's after work and picked up some individual meals for work. I'm getting tired of cottage cheese and salad. I need to pick up my calorie count a little bit as well so thought that might help.