Monday, August 8, 2016

Catching Up

Do you often wonder where the time goes and how it manages to go quicker as we get older?  I know in reality that doesn't actually happen but it sure seems like it.  We get up in the morning and poof it's time to retire for the night.

So many things have hap;pened since I last did an actual post I'm not sure where to begin.  So will start with the highlights.

I finally got things straightened out with my grandson and now have had the pleasure of meeting my great grandson.  What a little character he is.  And in 10 more days we get to welcome his baby sister to the world, so excited.

My folks celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary last summer and have now made it to 66.  Mom says now she's gonna try for 70.  I hope she is right.  Can't imagine my world without them in it.

Hubby decided he had had enough of being unhealthy so started doing some research on various diets and came upon one that suited him.  He lost 86.5 lbs, no longer takes insulin or any medications.  Plus he was named the 2015 Alberta Provincial King for TOPS.  So proud of him.  Now if I could only find the will power to get there myself.

Hubby lost his youngest sister on July 3rd at the young age of 50.  It completely devastated him.  But we have to remind ourselves that she died as she lived and it was her choice.  We did end up with her wee Yorkie dog who has most definitely made it much easier on him.  They were very close.

Youngest son is getting married on August 27th and will have to accept his mom at the size she is cuz I really blew trying to lose the extra pounds.  Best I could do was 30 lbs and this is where I'm stuck at.

Monday, August 1, 2016

I'm Gonna Try This Again

Time keeps going by and nothing seems to really change.  Life just goes on and I just keep getting older.  Not that that is a bad thing, it's just a fact of life, no more no less.  Granted things could  be better but they could also be worse.