Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Again, really God ............

Ok, so this post is not about me but in a way it does affect me.  We have been losing a lot of you people of late for many reasons - cancer, accidents, suicide, etc.  It just doesn't make any sense to me and even though I know all things happen for a reason I still question His wisdom.  Which I really know I shouldn't so likely to get slapped upsaid the head for that.

August 13th changed the lives of one of our tenant families.  Let me digress here a minute - we have 3 duplexes as rental property and all of them are rented to wonderful families.  We do our own property management as we like to make things personal for them.  On the day in question one of these families was devastated by an industrial accident that took the life of the husband and father.  All of a sudden this family no longer has a head of the household, instead it is a young mom and 6 children, ages 17 to 3.

Now this gentleman had just turned 39, way to young to be taken home.  He comes from a family of 3 boys and 2 girls and they were raised in foster homes.  All of a sudden the older brother, whom Roger had not spoken to for years, decides he is going to rule this family.  He starts a Facebook page to gather financial support for the family and proceeds to tell the wife that he is going to handle all her financial affairs from now on.

Well you can imagine what that led to - yep, she told him to take a hike.  Told him that her husband had always trusted her with his pay cheques and she knew how to handle money.  Now this young family have been living from pay day to pay day for a long time and they were finally getting ahead so I know she was obviously doing a good job of handling the finances.

So I have this knowledge as I stopped by on Monday to deliver school supplies and groceries that some of us had gotten together for her.  She told me what was going on and how he had tried to take over her life.  Today the brother called and said that he had given her the money that was collected - I think it was around $3,500 and that paying her rent was no longer his responsibility.

I just can't believe that he would go to all this trouble to prove what?  That he's the head of the family being the oldest and it's his responsibility to take over her family.  Come on this is the 21st century, those things only happened in the olden days.  I didn't say anything to him but I so wanted to ... remarkable control on my part, considering my horoscope said I was gonna mix it up with someone today ...  hehehe.

Ok now I feel better that I've vented.

PS.  My mom is home and doing great, feeling good and back to herself.  Now my nephew on the other hand - well that's a story for another day.  Take care everyone and hug your loved ones close cuz you never know what the day will bring.  God bless.