Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally some sunshine .........

It's been a hectic week but I think there are some positive things ahead.  PRD was a lot of fun but I do have to say that I really do enjoy it more when it is not where I live.  I was pretty stressed out by the end of the weekend with trying to keep up with everyone.  I was so proud of hubby, he humbly accepted his Division Winner award and these was the words he had them read as his story:

"Through my failures I have learned humility, resourcefulness, determination. Humility to accept my limitations and weaknesses. Resourcefulness to seek guidance and council. Determination to persevere and focus on the goal. These are the tools for life and this honor is a tribute to that. I accept for myself and AB3486, when I fail as one, together we shall win. Mother Theresa had this to say about all life's problems - "Life is life, I fight for it." I believe I will."

Our area coordinator said it was nice to have someone say something that didn't consist of a lot of "me" and "I".  I'll post a pic here when I'm done my post. 

Wednesday he had his specialist appointment in Edmonton, the doc wouldn't commit to a diagnosis till he gets some more tests done but feels it maybe a debilatating type of arthritis.  He is doing tests for a gammit of things including ALS, lupus, MS, etc.  He really doesn't think that he has fibro and he feels there may be more than one thing going on.  He gave him this huge list of tests to get done and he is referring him to a neurologist.  We can live with the diagnosis as long as we get one.  He also has an appointment with a new family physican this coming week and we have heard great things about him so have our fingers crossed.

I took advantage of a new family clinic that opened up and made an appointment with one of the lady doctors.  She was really nice and is insisting on a complete since I haven't had one in years.  And she never once commented on my weight or made disparaging remarks.  When I asked her why she said we will work on it slowly and there are worse things in life than being over weight, can you believe it!  So I have my complete booked for the end of May and have some blood work to get done before then.  She was so nice and told me if I need anything to be sure and come in right away.  We'll tackle each problem from the complete one at a time.  She also gave me some antibiotics for my sinus infection and put me back on my HRT.  I tried going off of it but the night sweats have been so bad that I was getting to the point where I couldn't stand it and she said there is no reason not to stay on a low dose if it makes things easier.  Wow.

Into the second week of my new job and loving it.  The lady that was doing it before did the best she could with the time restraints that she had but there is room for a lot of improvement.  I've made a few chances and my boss has given me a high five for them.  It is so nice to be appreciated and trusted.

Today is Good Friday so it is a holiday and I haven't felt that great all day.  I think the antibiotics kicked in as my sinuses have been draining like crazy.  Hope I feel better tomorrow as I want to go to Costco first thing in the morning, we are really low on stuff for my lunches and I don't want to get in the rut of just grabbing something out of the cupboard without thinking it through.

Hubby said something when we were having dinner this evening that made sense and really got me to thinking.  I had made some ground beef with jalepenos, spaghetti sauce, kraft dinner all mixed together sort of like Hamburger Helper only I put cilantro in it and it tasted different, not bad just different.  I asked him if he wanted seconds and he said "I would but I don't need it. more is not going to fuel my body it will just make me fat".  I thought how true is that, we only need food as fuel for our bodies and not out emotions.  He's a pretty smart man.

Weigh in was a bust this week but I knew it would be so not getting bent out of shape over it just accepting it and gonna try and do better this week.  Have been walking more and doing the stairs at work.

Here is a picture of hubby with his TOPS Division Winner award, 2nd place in division 2 provincially with a lose of 37 pounds last year, he has 30 to go to goal.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mother Nature needs some manners ........

Woke up this morning to a blanket of snow and ice and high winds.  The whole province is enveloped in a spring storm.  This seems to happen every year around PRD time but at least this year it is here in Red Deer so I don't have to drive.  This will be my 5th PRD and I don't remember a year where we have not had a storm just before or after.  Think they need to move the dates to a little later in the spring, not sure it would make much difference though.

The week has been great so far, I am really enjoying my new job.  Having a hard time adjusting to the change in work hours though.  Body is having a hard time resetting the clock to wake up later and get home later.  Hours are 8:15 - 4:30 but I am so used to working 07:30 - 3:45 normally and 7 - 7 when working overtime.  This really is a hardship .... lol.

Picked up all the client files yesterday so now I get to do some serious work.  Monday, Tuesday were kinda boring as there really wasn't much to do.  I am really excited about this position and think I am really going to enjoy it.

Started walking before work on Monday but that is on hold for today at least, too slippery out there.  Will start walking on lunch break as well when the snow is all gone again.

Things seem to be turning around for us.  Hubby's specialist appointment was moved up 5 weeks to next week and I have a couple really interested in renting one of our units that has been empty for the past month.  There is always a silver lining to every cloud sometimes you just have to wait for it to turn inside out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great start to the week ........

Weigh in last night saw me up .6 but I can handle that, it's definitely not the end of the world by any means.  We has our TOPS installation and awards night last evening.  I am so proud of my hubby, he lots 37 pounds last year, wish I knew his secret.

Started my new job yesterday.  What a change from the old one, no stress, left on my own to figure out how I want things done, very relaxing.  Hopefully now that I have a job with less stress I can start to shed some pounds as I am definitely an emotional/stress eater.  Am finding it hard to get used to the new hours - 08:15 - 16:30, as I had been getting up real early before (4:30 a.m. for a 6:00 start).  It's gonna take awhile to get this body back into a routine of rising later.

It is a beautiful morning here so started my early morning walks.  I walk down to the mail box and back before work each day, it clears my head and is a good beginning to getting more exercise.  I am also doing the stairs at work, it is only two flights so will be good for me.

Took last week as a break between positions and accomplished mega chores here at home.  Even got the income tax ready to go to the accountant.  Spent Friday as a ME day, got my hair done and had a pedicure.  Saturday I went shopping for a new work wardrobe.  I have made a vow that these are the last "fat" girl clothes I am buying.

Our Provincial Recognition Days for TOPS are this weekend here in Red Deer.  I am excited as it is always a very inspirational and motivation time for everyone.  Just what we all need to kick start the summer.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting rid of stress .........

Yep, I'm back and I have eliminated some stress from my life in order to regain some sanity.  As you know I applied for and was successful at getting a different position.  I gave my manager my resignation and think I actually saw tears in her eyes.  So with two weeks notice I had another week to kill before starting my new position so decided to take this week off and forget about that department.

Now that of course is a whole lot easier said than done as I have to keep checking my work e-mail each day, sometimes several times, or I will have hundreds of them when I go back.  But it feels so good to know that I no longer have to work 65 - 70 hour weeks and can do normal hours.  The girls had a send off for me on Friday night and I must say I think I gotta a little tipsy (actually I know I did, but don't want to admit it).  It was a great time for all.

Last week I weighed in at TOPS and was .2 pounds over my original start weight, tonight I was down 4 pounds.  They stress can be a huge factor in our health but I didn't realize how much until I stepped on the scale last week and seen that number.  I was truly embarrassed so decided right then and there to get busy and do something about it.  So started eating sensibly and getting in a little exercise and voila......4 pounds.  Don't get me wrong I know that it can all be blown in just a matter of moments but for now I am basking in the glory so to speak.

I have missed blogging and think that it was the one thing that kept me sane till I got too tired to keep up with it.  So here goes another kick at the cat and I hope to be able to keep up on a regular basis now.  Not promising I will be here every day but definitely more often that the past while.

I've also decided I am not posting meals, calories, weights or anything like that anymore.  This blog was meant as an outlet for me to vent on things that bothered me or celebrate things that brought me joy.  I got too caught up in the whole diet thing and forgot about how to enjoy life.  There has to be a happy medium for both and I have to find it.