Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mother Nature needs some manners ........

Woke up this morning to a blanket of snow and ice and high winds.  The whole province is enveloped in a spring storm.  This seems to happen every year around PRD time but at least this year it is here in Red Deer so I don't have to drive.  This will be my 5th PRD and I don't remember a year where we have not had a storm just before or after.  Think they need to move the dates to a little later in the spring, not sure it would make much difference though.

The week has been great so far, I am really enjoying my new job.  Having a hard time adjusting to the change in work hours though.  Body is having a hard time resetting the clock to wake up later and get home later.  Hours are 8:15 - 4:30 but I am so used to working 07:30 - 3:45 normally and 7 - 7 when working overtime.  This really is a hardship .... lol.

Picked up all the client files yesterday so now I get to do some serious work.  Monday, Tuesday were kinda boring as there really wasn't much to do.  I am really excited about this position and think I am really going to enjoy it.

Started walking before work on Monday but that is on hold for today at least, too slippery out there.  Will start walking on lunch break as well when the snow is all gone again.

Things seem to be turning around for us.  Hubby's specialist appointment was moved up 5 weeks to next week and I have a couple really interested in renting one of our units that has been empty for the past month.  There is always a silver lining to every cloud sometimes you just have to wait for it to turn inside out.


  1. I can't believe you still have snow. Grrr. We had 80 degree temps on Monday and now it is down to the 40's again - and I thought that was bad. Counting my blessings now :D

    Glad you are enjoying your new job, that's awesome! Good to see you happy and less stressed. YAY!

  2. Ick to the snow....I think that we are finally past that (although now that I said it it will probably snow this weekend)...
    What is PRD? Sorry..
    Yay for a less stressful work environment...that's awesome..

  3. Hey Tessa, I'm glad things are looking up for you - but please, DO NOT SEND SNOW!!! LOL I have had it with winter this year - other years it doesn't bother me so much, but this year (and as I get older) I just want spring weather!! Our forecast for Sunday doesn't look very good though - might be freezing rain & snow flurries. Sorry you couldn't go walking this morning - it always amazes me how much easier everything is when winter weather is gone! We can move so much easier w/o all the bulky clothing & our steps are lighter w/o the boots etc!

  4. Colenic, PRD is Provincial Recognition Days for our TOPS chapter. Every year we have a gathering in one of the main cities of the province to recognize and salute all the members who have succeeded in achieving a personal goal. This year is especially great for us as hubby is being recognized for having lost 37 pounds last year so that put him in second place in his weight division. Shhhhshhhh, you can't tell anyone as it is a secret till Saturday.

  5. Hey Tessa! Glad to see you have a less stressful job, that has to be a load off your shoulders!
    Same thing here with the snow/ It was 86 degrees last weekend, and this morning I'm brushing the snow off the car. YUCK.
    So glad to see you are well. And congrats to your hubby! Hugs :)