Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting rid of stress .........

Yep, I'm back and I have eliminated some stress from my life in order to regain some sanity.  As you know I applied for and was successful at getting a different position.  I gave my manager my resignation and think I actually saw tears in her eyes.  So with two weeks notice I had another week to kill before starting my new position so decided to take this week off and forget about that department.

Now that of course is a whole lot easier said than done as I have to keep checking my work e-mail each day, sometimes several times, or I will have hundreds of them when I go back.  But it feels so good to know that I no longer have to work 65 - 70 hour weeks and can do normal hours.  The girls had a send off for me on Friday night and I must say I think I gotta a little tipsy (actually I know I did, but don't want to admit it).  It was a great time for all.

Last week I weighed in at TOPS and was .2 pounds over my original start weight, tonight I was down 4 pounds.  They stress can be a huge factor in our health but I didn't realize how much until I stepped on the scale last week and seen that number.  I was truly embarrassed so decided right then and there to get busy and do something about it.  So started eating sensibly and getting in a little exercise and voila......4 pounds.  Don't get me wrong I know that it can all be blown in just a matter of moments but for now I am basking in the glory so to speak.

I have missed blogging and think that it was the one thing that kept me sane till I got too tired to keep up with it.  So here goes another kick at the cat and I hope to be able to keep up on a regular basis now.  Not promising I will be here every day but definitely more often that the past while.

I've also decided I am not posting meals, calories, weights or anything like that anymore.  This blog was meant as an outlet for me to vent on things that bothered me or celebrate things that brought me joy.  I got too caught up in the whole diet thing and forgot about how to enjoy life.  There has to be a happy medium for both and I have to find it.


  1. Always happy to see you! Glad you are starting a new, less stressful job and a week off sounds like just what you needed. Recharge!

    Talk to you soon! Hugs!

  2. So glad that you're back to "sensible eating" - good for you! And it feels so much better, doesn't it? Hope your new job works well for you. And great WIs!!! D