Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great start to the week ........

Weigh in last night saw me up .6 but I can handle that, it's definitely not the end of the world by any means.  We has our TOPS installation and awards night last evening.  I am so proud of my hubby, he lots 37 pounds last year, wish I knew his secret.

Started my new job yesterday.  What a change from the old one, no stress, left on my own to figure out how I want things done, very relaxing.  Hopefully now that I have a job with less stress I can start to shed some pounds as I am definitely an emotional/stress eater.  Am finding it hard to get used to the new hours - 08:15 - 16:30, as I had been getting up real early before (4:30 a.m. for a 6:00 start).  It's gonna take awhile to get this body back into a routine of rising later.

It is a beautiful morning here so started my early morning walks.  I walk down to the mail box and back before work each day, it clears my head and is a good beginning to getting more exercise.  I am also doing the stairs at work, it is only two flights so will be good for me.

Took last week as a break between positions and accomplished mega chores here at home.  Even got the income tax ready to go to the accountant.  Spent Friday as a ME day, got my hair done and had a pedicure.  Saturday I went shopping for a new work wardrobe.  I have made a vow that these are the last "fat" girl clothes I am buying.

Our Provincial Recognition Days for TOPS are this weekend here in Red Deer.  I am excited as it is always a very inspirational and motivation time for everyone.  Just what we all need to kick start the summer.

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  1. Hi Tessa,
    Yes Tim Horton's has changed their rules - not sure when, but DS's car became his. The cups even said "win to own" or something like that. The TH info says the car is worth $29,000+ freight & taxes and it includes an inclusive 7 yr warranty! My brother has it for sale right now - first wholesale, then he'll put it in his retail store, if it doesn't sell wholesale. We'll see. Apparently Toyota has Matrix's for sale now around $27,000 but the warranty is extra. A great start for a young guy$$$$.

    Enjoy PRD (do you plan to go?). We have PRD in May in Sarnia but I don't plan to go. I'd like to, but I have too much going on this year.

    TY for visiting my blog. I'm glad your new job is less stressful - and I'm enjoying my morning walks too - I'll be thinking of you when I'm walking, although you'll probably still be sleeping while I'm out! ;)
    PS I vow to not buy any more "fat clothes" too - bought myself a dress, vest & blouse at Value Village today - under $20 for it all! Yah! :D