Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A busy month ..........

Two weeks ago I took my sister to Edmonton to see the oncologist and get her shcedule for chemo.  It would appear that even though you live two hours from the hospital they feel you can be there for 7 a.m. appointments.  We went up the night before so that we would not have to worry about traffic delays.  There was a junior hockey tournament happening in Edmonton and the only hotel room we could get was $175 for the night.  They wouldn't even honor their medical rate as they only had two rooms left.

So we endured and spent a whole day getting her tests done, seeing the oncologist and attending a class on the effects of chemo.  Some of them are a little scary but the doctor seems to think she has a very good chance of recovery.

Last week on Thursday we headed back to Edmonton for her first chemo treatment on Friday.  Again it was scheduled very early in the morning so we went up the night before.  My sister found a place called Compassion House that is for women with breast cancer and the best news was that it is only $35 a night.  It is a great facility and the staff are remarkable.

I was really scared for her when they started the chemo.  6 huge syringes that they injected slowly into her vien.  It took a total of an hour and she tolerated it very well.  We then headed home and she spent the night at my place in case there were any problems.  Her next treatment is June 7th.  My only wish is that I could go with her every time but unfortunately I can't.  The remainder of her appointments will be over 2 days and I can't get away from work.

This past weekend our grandson got married.  It was a beautiful wedding and my only regret is this is probably the last one my parents will be attending.  They just get way too tired between the ceremony and the reception.  They actually had to leave prior to the conclusion of the reception as they were both getting way too tired.

Grandson #2 decided to have a biking accident on Sunday and ended up being taken to emergency by ambulance.  I am ever so grateful that he going to be ok, just some bumps and bruises.  Thank goodness for a very expensive helmut that probably saved him from serious injury and most likely saved his life.

In between all this I have been trying to fit in all the medical tests to ensure that I have no problems going on.  Mammogram is done and ok.  Had a physical today (big joke here is the doctor never once touched me); just renewed my prescriptions and gave me some antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Also took a trip to the dentist.  Most everything is good have a couple of small things that need to be looked at but they are not urgent.

Hubby and I spent yesterday putting out bedding plants and planting some vegetables in flower pots to see what the outcome is.