Saturday, March 19, 2011

And so ends another chapter in my life ............

Looks as if things are finally going to settle down for me.  After all these weeks of working 70 hours I am finally going to go back to normal hours.  I had an interview earlier this week and was successful in getting the position.  It is a brand new position with Senior's Health and I am soooooooooo excited.  I can't wait for my start date of April 11th.

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.  This will allow me time to get back to my blogging and concentrate on myself for a change.  I have so missed blogging and catching up on all the news from my blogger friends.

I was re-elected as Leader for my TOPS chapter for another year.  This year I am going to concentrate on training the Co-leader to step in to Leader position next year.  This is my 5th year and I think it is time for some new blood and ideas.  I really appreciate that my Chapter has so much faith in me that they want me to stay on but others need a chance as well.

So look out blog buddies I am back with a vengence and so looking forward to it.  I am off to work this morning but now I can go wih the attitude that there is an end in sight and the most I will have to do is 2 more Saturdays.     

You all have a great weekend and I will be back here in the very near future.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thinking 68 hours a week is just a little much ....

Yes, I am still working those horrid hours and there does not look like much relief in site........hey, maybe there is.  I have an interview with another department on the 15th so hopefully that one will pan out and I can go back to working like a normal person.  Someone said to me the other day "look at all the money you're making".  Hello reality check here, you only clear about 50% of what you make so it ain't that great.

I did go today and stock up on fresh fruit and veggies so I can at least eat one healthy meal a day.  Good think we don't have vending machines where I work or I would have become an addict by now.  I've been trying to do the right things with my eating but these long hours sometimes make me senseless where my meals are concerned.

I had to go to the walkin clinic today and get some antibiotics, I've been fighting a sinus infection for a month now and decided if I didn't go it would probably get the better of me.  It's hard to concentrate at work when your head is pounding and your eyes hurt.

We are still in the mighty throws of winter right now.  We've had more snow and cold temperatures this winter than I can remember in a very long time.  It's been hovering around -28 C during the day and dropping to -45 C at nights.  Even with the day light hours getting longer there hasn't been any relief and the weatherman is forcasting a long cold spring. 

Sorry, if I am being so negative.  Not much to be positive about right at this very moment.  We did get the appeal for hubby's disability in on time and they are now reviewing it.  Not expecting any great exciting news from that either.  Right now everything is in the doldrums but such is life.

I hope everyone is well, I have managed to read a few pages but no energy to make comments.  Soon I hope.