Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 161 - Drink 8 glasses of water....

I find it really difficult to get enough water intake in a day, especially when I am working.  I just forget when I am so busy and find the whole day going by and I've forgotten to have water. 

6 oz orange juice (90 calories)
1 pkg instant oatmeal (90 calories)
4 oz yogurt (35 calories)

4 oz coleslaw w/2 tablespoons dressing (95 calories)
8 oz V8 juice (70 calories)
1 pkg Micelina's Meat Loaf (210 calories)

4 oz baked cod (120 calories)
4 oz hash brown potatoes (160 calories)
8 oz yellow beans (50 calories)

Lots of good comments on the water, or lack thereof.  I personally have to be careful of my intake amount due to bladder problems.  My limit is 24 oz a day, but of course I never reach that amount.  They do say excess water can be bad for you and you can actually drown if you consume to much in a short period of time.  I'm not sure what the time frame or amount is but 64 oz a day would definitely have ill effects for me.  I think it all depends on your body, outside tempature and tolerance.  I can tolerate a lot more if it is really hot outside but in the winter I have to be careful as it causes major swelling in my extremities as my bladder cannot hold it and I go toxic.  Love reading your comments and seeing how others handle things that seem so minor sometimes but can have a major effect in our success.  Thanks again.


  1. i dont drink enough water either
    but when i do i feel much better in every aspect
    your doing great keep itup

  2. 8 glasses of water used to sound SO impossible to me. BUT they recommend 8, 6oz glasses right? Now that I actually know what 6 oz is, it is SO MUCH EASIER then I ever thought!
    My glass holds 12 oz, (my green plastic one holds 18!) So it's only 4 glasses... I don't think a lot of people realize that...

  3. heh, i'm a bit skeptical of the whole 64 oz. of water a day thing. I actually heard that too much water can end up depleting your body of minerals and electrolites (sp?) when you go to the restroom. But yeah, I for one, definitely do not get enough water in each day either! And I totally relate with the whole, "where did this day go" feeling! Weird how quickly March is going by, we're practically half way through already...yikes!

  4. I agree, 64 oz does seem like a lot! But I always hear 6 8oz glasses- so that would only be 48, which is better. I aim for that, but neve get there lol. i am happy around at around 40 oz.

  5. I bought a reusuable water jug [in pretty blue] and marked where my daily water intake was with a sharpie on the outside. [I do 64oz] I think the container cost me 2.00 dollars.

    I fill it up every morning and drink off of it all day long - that way it doesn't seem so daunting [it really isn't that much water] and I don't have to be bothered to count/write down when I do drink my water which I found to be a pesky thing to do.

    Hope that helps - and your body and especially your skin will thank you :D