Monday, March 15, 2010

Challenge Participants

Alright, today was our first official day of the challenge.  Those participating are:

Tessa     278.8 lbs
Tina       296.6 lbs
Barb      271    lbs
Byron    317.8 lbs

I have checked all the blogs and everyone has posted today, wonderful.  Let's do a weigh in on Monday's and then we will all be consistent.  You will find that I may have the odd comment/suggestion for you as we post daily and please feel free to do so in return.


  1. Wow, not too many of us huh? That's okay, with a small group we can be more supportive of each other! I signed up to follow Tina's and Byron's blogs as well so I can comment and cheer them on as well as you.

    Thanks again for doing this, might just be that push I needed to get me blogging daily again and posting my menus. I think it's really awesome of you. :0)