Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 165 - Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement ....

Good morning everyone!  It's another bright, warm day here in sunny Alberta.  Tempature supposed to get to +14C today. 

We had an interesting discussion at my support group last night concerning stomach size.  According to the experts the stomach is the size of your fist and it does not shrink to be smaller than that.  It will expand when we eat but once it is empty it returns to it's normal size, thus the shrinking feeling.  If we look at the size by closing our fist and envision how much food that might be (my estitmate is about 10 - 12 ounces) then look at how much food we consume during a meal, it gives a good visual of how much we could possibly be stretching our stomaches to accommodate that food.  This makes me more and more certain that it is important that we weigh and measure our food at each meal.  Once we go over that 10 - 12 ounces we need to start envisioning what we are doing to our body in terms of stretching our stomachs and basically overeating what our body requires.

Congrats to Tina for investing in a food scale.  You will not be sorry for doing it.  We do not realize how much food we are consuming until we actually weigh it out and put it on a plate.  Research shows that the average dinner plate in 1956 was 8", today it is anywhere from 12 to 14".  That means that we can put almost twice as much food on a plate today as they did in 1956.  Now that's super sizing it!!!

2 oz hard cheddar cheese (220 calories)
1 medium banana (60 calories)

6 oz salad w/1 tablespoon dressing (40 calories)
4 oz cottage cheese (90 calories)
8 oz V8 juice (70 calories)
1/2 cup diet jello (10 calories)

4 oz sirlon steak pieces cooked w/ 1/2 cup white onion and 2 tablespoons mushroom sauce (310 calories)
6 oz steamed broccoli (40 calories)
3/4 cup diet jello (15 calories)

Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge for me as we are having a Lifestyles lunch at work and they are ordering pizza.  I also made a dessert but I made just half of what I normally would.  In the past I have always felt like I had to take a huge dish to potlucks but have realized there is always so much food that if I make half as much no one will really notice.  So wish me luck.  I managed to get in a 15  block walk on my breaks today, wow that's equal to 5 miles.  My feet hurt tonight but they will get used to it.

A special word to my challengers:  Keep up the posts and a job well done today.  It was nice to see that you all visited each others blogs and left words of encouragement.  It's not always about the prize at the end but how you get there that counts.  Awesome!!!!


  1. I think it was a good investment too :)
    I don't think my stomach ever went back to fist size before 2010. I could eat A LOT and not be full. Maybe I didn't give it a chance to shrink back... but I can feel it is smaller now! (though, I think I have stretched it back out lately, because I am hungry alot. Been eating to much!)

  2. Wow Tessa! 5 miles, that's awesome!