Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 149 - No crackers with your soup ........

That shouldn't be a problem as I'm not intending on having soup today....hehehe.  Tomorrow is weigh in and we have had company all weekend.  Trying to stay well within my plan but find it difficult when others are around.  I am so thankful that hubby has decided to join me on the journey.  Not only is he great support but it means I don't have to try to avoid foods that I would cook for him that I would find myself wanting to consume.

Today my sister, her hubby and their 14 year old foster child are coming to visit.  This is the first time we will have met him so I am excited.  Sis says he is very polite and a really good boy.  He's had a hard time having been shuffled to four different places in five months because they did not have a permanet placement home for him.  He's having a bit of a hard time believing that he is with them permanently.  My sister has never been able to have children of her own as she had ovarian cancer so this is a wonderful experience for them as well.  Going to do everything we can to make him feel welcome and loved.

Youngest son and his fiancee' have set their wedding colors for next summer as black, white and orange (can you tell he's a Flyer's fan).  I breathed a sigh of relief cuz I know black is a slimming color so no matter what I chose to wear it should cover some of the flaws.  Even if I get to goal weight I will have excess skin to hide and absolutely refuse to be girdled in on a hot summer day.  Will look for something that maybe has a tunic type top over a skirt.  Her wedding dress will be white with black trim (absolutely gorgeous, see picture in profile).

4 oz yogurt
1 mandarine orange
1 Tassimo cappachino

After breakfast came absolute disaster.  Too much company, too much food and definitely not enough common sense.  Seems if I am gonna blow it, I do it the Sunday before weigh in.  So now I do another week of cleansing and it serves me right.  Sometimes I think I'm never gonna get this right.


  1. I really hope you are pleasantly surprised when you weigh in tomorrow (today). You did pretty good the rest of the week, so don't be to hard on yourself!!!
    I weigh in on Fridays... so I guess I have all week to fix my mistakes. I'm not sure if that's good or bad LOL. I know that I always USED to weigh in on Sunday or Monday every other time I've tried to loose weight, and it never worked out. This way at least I feel positive that I can make a difference before the next face-off with the scale!!!! (that wasn't the plan, Friday was just the first of the year LOL)
    Good Luck!!!!!

  2. I missed this post yesterday, but I am laughing my behind better embrace the heck out of your future DIL because any woman that agrees to orange as a wedding color because her future husband is a sports fan? OMG how accomodating!! Although I do have to agree, as I said yesterday, her dress is lovely.

    Don't sweat the Mother of the Bride dress I am sure you will look fabulous - if you can't find what you are looking for you can always find a pattern or design something you like and have a seamstress put it together for you - I know my fabric store has a whole list of people who do this.

    I think you should wear orange. LOL be supportive!! [I am so kidding]