Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 146 - Eat a snack size chocolate.....

Gee this should have been yesterday's thought for the day.  Sorry for the lateness of my post today.  Slept late and then had an executive meeting tonight.  Some days the time just flies by.  Nothing spectacular to report today.  I did have my snack size chocolate, stopped at one and feel good.

4 oz yogurt
1 orange

6 oz salad w/1 tablespoon low calorie French dressing
6 oz steamed beets
4 oz pork chop

9 oz pork stir fry w/onions, mushrooms and 1 tablespoons stir fry sauce
6 oz salad with 1 tablespoon low calorie Ranch dressing

Well I am off to bed as I've had two sleepless nights and hopefully will get some rest tonight.  Take care everyone and see you tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. All I could think when I was reading this was mmmm chocolate.. hahah. Good on you for stopping at one!