Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 135 - Drink a smoothie and go for a walk.........

Well today will be so much better as I have now finished that awful prednisone.  Was up at 5 because it kept me awake most of the night.  Changing over from metric to Imperial with my portion sizes.  I can never figure out if they are the right amount in metric.

Today will be a little difficult as our good friends and neighbors are moving to Manitoba today.  It is gonna be hard saying goodbye.  I can feel the tears welling up behind my eyes already.  I wish them well and know that it is a good move for his career, but it still doesn't seem fair.

1 pkg instant regular oatmeal
3.5 oz yogurt
4 oz cottage cheese
5.5 oz grapefruit sections

Egg salad sandwich on brown

4 oz ham and scalloped potato casserole
1/2 cup coleslaw
1 cup green beans

A very emotionally charged day.  Jaimie and Vince were supposed to have left today but there was a delay with the moving van coming so I had them over for dinner and they will leave in the morning.

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