Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 142 - Eat until satisfied, not over filled.....

Good day everyone!  It's a cool, crisp day here in Alberta but at least it's not 40 below.  Had an awesome day yesterday.  Did my 3 meals, no snacks and was able to stay on track.  This food plan is pretty awesome and I know some of you are probably saying it does not look like enough.  The first week is sort of a cleansing week and then other food items get added to it.  You will see what I mean as the day's go by.

4 oz yogurt
1 orange
1 cup decaffinated green tea
8 oz water

6 oz salad with 1 tablespoon low cal Catalina dressing
4 oz cottage cheese
6 oz steamed cauliflower
8 oz water

6 oz salad with 1 tablespoon loc cal Ranch dressing
6 oz steamed broccoli
4 oz roast beef
8 oz water

You may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog.  I realize now that there is no way I can reach my goal in one year cuz I've been horsing around for over a third of it.  I love to dance and maybe someday I will be able to again.

Also, as a note to any one that has a blog site listed that shows me as following.  If you do not do an update within 30 days of my adding you to my site I will delete the link.  I want to stay positive and encourage others as we struggle to get our weight under control.  If you haven't posted in a month then that tells me you are not serious and have gone on to other things.  I know this sounds somewhat cruel but this is not a game that we should just play at when we have the notion.  I first got started in blogging because of Stacy and now she is a figment of our imaginations.  You can't support what you can't see.


  1. Your right, it doesn't seem like much... but it sounds like it is going to get better lol. Whatever works for YOU! (I'm doing the opposite and eating to much :( )
    I like your new Blog title AND the desription.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog, I had no idea that anyone would ever find it or even want to follow it, I really just started it for my closest family, like only two people know about it. I have added yours to my favorites list and will keep up with you!!