Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 128 - Have a cup of green tea today...

Green tea maybe all I can handle today.  Still feeling under the weather.  Took some cold medicine last night and it kept me awake all night.  Had to do a little shopping this morning as we were out of fresh fruit and vegetables, that took just about all the energy I had.  Poor hubby, his 50th birthday today and he has to settle for a boughten birthday cake cuz I don't have the energy to make one.  A least he's good about that kind of thing.  I sent him off to have breakfast with his biker buddies this morning so the day wouldn't be a total lose for him.  I can't even think about food right now.  Going to have a nap and then maybe will feel like eating something.


  1. Sorry to see you have not been feeling well :( Don't worry, I'm sure your hubby understands!

    I have a question for you: I was thinking of buying one of those wii fits, with the balance board. i think you mentioned you have one before. Could you tell me if there is a weight limit for those boards????

    Get Well soon!!!!

  2. Of course the day wouldn't be a total loss he has you :D, right? I hope you feel better soon. Try to keep hydrated.