Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 126 - Drink 8 glasses of water

I can tell you I did not drink 8 glasses of water today.  My throat is so sore I can hardly swallow but I did have a couple of cups of green tea.  I feel absolutely miserable.  One more day of work and then I can rest for the weekend.

100 gr yogurt
1 homemade bran muffin

1 serving of Taco bake left over from last night
1 pkg Quaker mini crisps

1 cup spaghetti in a light tomato sauce with 3 italian meatballs

I am only eating because if I don't I get sick to my stomach and everything goes haywire.  I have no appetite so have not really been paying attention to making sure that everything is balanced.  As I look at it though not too bad other than a lack of vegetables and fruit.  I have to get to the grocery store as the fridge and cupboards are getting a little thin.

I apologize but I feel like crap so not up to writing much tonight.  Thanks for the protien mix info Megan I will check WalMart here and see if they have it.  Thanks for your support everyone catch you all tomorrow.


  1. Tessa,
    I am sorry that you are not feeling good. Hope you are feeing first rate soon! I was just catching up with your blog and was very happy to see that you have followers! It's really much more fun know that someone is out there reading your blog>
    Keep up the good work and I will keep cheking in with you!!

  2. I am so sorry you are sick. The tea should help, and maybe you could try some lozenges? I had that dreaded sore throat a few weeks ago with a cough [that has destroyed my voice - it is horrible] and tea, broth and those little Halls drops worked wonders. I really hope you are feeling better soon.

    I love water! I have a crushed ice maker doohicky thingy on my fridge [yes, really that is it's official name ;) ] and I fill a pitcher in the morning and one at night and I get my 8+ glasses that way. I don't have to measure or write it down - I just know because I finished it.

    Take care and make sure you keep a lil' something in your stomach so you don't become sicker. See you soon!

    PS - Can you stop by my blog and enter my Valentine's day giveaway? I would love it if you did. It is fun and if you win I will customize it for you. :D