Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 124 - Do a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise today....

100 gr yogurt
4 oz canned peaches
1 pkg Maxacchinno drink mix (60 calories)

Smart Choice Seasme Chicken (300 calories)
1/2 cup canned mangos
1 pkg Quaker Crispy Delights (90 calories)

1 cup homemade chili
1 cup canned yellow beans
2 cups green salad (lettuce, cucumber, yellow pepper) with 1 tablespoon calorie wise dressing
1 Tassimo cappichino with 2 tablespoon International Creamer (90 calories)

It's been a good day today.  It is really busy at work and I have been putting in some extra time but I so enjoy what I am doing that the workload doesn't bother.  My daughter works in the department where I was before and it breaks my heart to talk to her as she seems so depressed but not quite ready to make a change as the .8 she works gives her more time with the kids.  I just wish that they had a manager like I have in my new department, someone that really cares about her employees instead of trying to make friends with everyone and then gets upset when they turn on her.  Best decision I made was to get out of there.

I went to my 12 step study group tonight but did not stay for the meeting as I have a bit of a headache and am tired.  Last night I taught my support group about differences in fast food items and how to read labels.  For instance the coffee that I like has almost 4 times the calories, fat and sodium if I get them at Starbucks or Tim Horton's.  By using the maxichinno powders and making my latte's and cappichinnos with the Tassimo I save a lot of calories and sodium and I can still put flavoring in them without adding extra calories.  It's a win, win situation for me.  Also, it allows me the freedom to make the choice to have them without getting all concerned about the extra calories and stressing out which in turn usually makes me head to the cupboard or fridge.

My support group has decided to do a count down, something like counting down the 12 days of Chrismas, so I am going to use each day's square that we have to mark off as the title for my daily blog.  And I have set a goal of 25 pounds by May 24th.

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  1. Those coffees sound good - I don't drink coffees but my daughter loves them [like you make them] I may have to pick her up some - less is better for sure!

    Sorry your daughter is having such a tough time. I know it breaks a Mom's heart, but just hang in there with her and she should weather the storm okay. That's what Moms are for eh?

    Great goal you have set! :D Can't wait to read all about it. [PS Nice job today]

    Have a great Wednesday.