Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 140 - Take the stairs....

I had said I was going to post again last night and I came home from work, crept upstairs with my blanket and flannel pj's and said goodnite to the world.  My intention was to watch some of the Olympic highlights, blog a bit and go to bed.  Sleep won out.  I don't even remember hubby waking me and telling me to go to bed.  I did wake up this morning feeling better than I have for a couple of weeks so hopefully I am on the mend.

Well ladies, I feel off the wagon yesterday and today and really badly.  In fact so bad that I am not even going to write down what I ate.  I think it is still the after effects of the prednisone and antibiotics or maybe just a lack of will do you tell?

I get so stressed about being sick that sometimes I just make myself sicker, if you know what I mean.  I am not one that likes being sick and will still get up and go to work no matter what.  And guess what that just makes me sicker because instead of resting and getting better I keep going.  What a fool I am.  Everyone else in the office calls in sick on a regular basis but nope not me, not the heroine.  Ya right some heroine!!  I couldn't fly down off a roof top and land on my feet if my life depended on it.  More like jump, plop and splatter.

Going to try to get back on track tomorrow.  Being a food addict is so hard, sometimes I just want to throw my hands up in the error and to heck with it all.  But I can't do that...I need to get better for myself and my family.  Please pray for me.  I need God to help me through this difficult time and I need to learn to give it up to Him.

Going to try and watch some Olympics for awhile and then head off to bed for hopefully another good sleep.  Tomorrow I am going to start walking on my breaks again now that my chest has cleared enough that it doesn't hurt to breath.  Will definitely check in with you all tomorrow.  Good night and God bless.


  1. It is going to be okay - and the only way to tell, I think, with the prednisone is once you get off of it and see if there is a difference. [I betcha' there is. You said it makes your super hungry and I know that is a major side effect]

    You know the thing about being sick? Perhaps next time you should stay home and take care of yourself - this serves a twofold benefit - you would get better, quicker without having to drag youself to work and you won't make others sick either. I'd say that is a win-win. :D

    I hope you have another good nights sleep [sounds like you need it :D] and feel even better tomorrow. Good luck.

  2. hope you feel better soon
    dont beat yourself up too much
    it happens

  3. Yeah, don't beat yourself up. Hopefully that's the end of being sick for a while and you will be back on track!
    I have been sick too, and I actually fell off the wagon this week also. It sucks, but it will happen every once in a while. The thing that matters is that we get right back on it!!!!