Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We named her Piper......

Hubby was driving home from uptown today and almost ran over this little thing.  She was running around in the street so he stopped to check to see if she was ok.  As soon as he picked her up he knew there was a problem, he could feel her ribs and backbone.  She has no collar and no visible tatoo so he decided to bring her home till we could decide what to do about her.  I called the local radio station and put a found notice on but due to the shape she is in i doubt that anyone will call.  We believe she was just dropped off to fend for herself.  She's really scared of people and really shy.
We fed her and then I took her and laid on the bed with her so that she could rest for awhile as the Pugs of course were all over her with curiosity.  She is so thin that compared to our bruisers she's extremely underweight.  I laid on the bed with her just petting her and reassuring her that it was gonna be ok and couldn't help but think of her out there all alone in the woods trying to fend for herself.  She's only about 6 months old.
We have named her Piper and I think she has found a forever home.  If we don't get any calls about her by next week we'll take her to the vet and get her all check over and see what she says.  It amazes me that people can be so cruel hearted as to just abandon a small puppy like that.  I am so amazed at her fortitude and how survival instincts kick in.
We have had some really nasty weather here the past couple of days, over 5 inches of rain between Monday afternoon and early this morning.  It was so bad that the casing around our front door swelled so much that we couldn't get the door open.  And all I can think about is this poor little puppy out there in that, no wonder she wanted to cuddle up with me on the bed.
I'm afraid I haven't been doing so well food wise, I really gained this past few days to the point where I did not even do a weigh in like I was supposed to.  I will tomorrow morning but I can tell you right now it is going to be real ugly.  So much for reaching my goal by the 24th.  I am such a pathetic loser, I have absolutely no idea what in the heck is going on in this brain of mine.  I keep setting myself up for failure and I fail, plain and simple.  Need to have a really long talk with myself.
Remember the fellow that was working with me and not carrying his end of the work load, well they fired him yesterday and I did feel a lot calmer today and not under so much pressure.  May be it was the stress of having to do his work and mine that was bumming me out,  I don't know.  I just know that I feel a lot better that he is gone.
I'll be back tomorrow with a weight posting even if it embarrasses me, maybe that's what I need.


  1. Oh what a cutie pie! I like to think you were meant to find her :)
    Don't be too harsh on yourself. We all have days that aren't the way we want them to be but hey there's always another day!

  2. Oh Tessa! you are NOT a pathetic looser!!!!! This is hard work, and it is a long process. We'll get there!!!
    I haven't forgot about your challenge to me. But this is EXACTLY why I am hesitant to do that... I used to feel just as pathetic if I didn't reach a goal, and I don't want to set myself up for that :(
    I WILL pick some upcoming events though! Maybe not attach a weight, but just something to work toward. We can still encourage each other that way :)

    You saved that little puppies life! You are her guardian angel :)

    Glad work is less stressful.
    Glad your back :) What ever the scale says tomorrow, it's ok! It's just one day, we can make the next way in great!

  3. Whomever did that to the puppy will get theirs. I can't believe the cruelty of people sometimes. Ick. But she is a darling and I am glad she has a forever home with you - Piper is such a cute name. :)

    Now - I never ever want to see you call yourself a loser again unless it is in terms of weight loss, got it? You are NOT and it breaks my heart to hear you say that. So you didn't make your goal - well just try again on the next go round, right? I still think the scale is going to surprise you. But even if it doesn't go and have fun at the next event - Summer is hard when there are so many cookouts, parties and weddings to attend but you can do this. I know it.

    Sending you good thoughts and love!