Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally some sunshine......

I almost didn't know what that big bright thing in the sky was this morning.  Oh, wait a minute, I know what they call that, it's the sun.  Seems like we've been living in a dark whole full of water for ever.  I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as my future DIL came to town and I had my TOPS meeting.  By the time we got home it was really late and I was super tired.  We had two members transfer in from another chapter last night so that was exciting.  Both hubby and I had a gain, which is the pits but we're not gonna cry over it.  Just gonna try harder this week.

It is Stampede week here so we get to wear jeans to work which is nice.  I wish we could wear them all the time as they are so comfortable.  Oh well, will take what we get for the special events and every Friday.

I want to say hi to Shannon and welcome to my blog.  I look forward to having you join what seems to have now become a journey for three.  My very good blogger friend, Tina, also fits in with us and I am sure she will be pleased to have another blogger to encourage and be encouraged by.

Just waiting for the troops to get home and then have to decide what to have for dinner.  Will come back in awhile with more posting.

Ok the troops didn't show up as hubby drove DIL back home.  She had brought her vehicle in to get detailed as she going to try and sell it.  Hubby was supposed to call and let me know what the plan was and totally forgot...so like a man.  Well I am heading off to bed as I have a major headache....weather must be gonna change again.  Goodnite all, sleep tight.


  1. Funny you named the post that. After my day, coming here and reading that really made me feel that way! lol like: "finally something good out of my day!"
    You're so sweet, I'm glad the sun was out for you today :)
    Great attitude, don't let a little gain get u down. I Hope your head ache went away. have a good day tomorrow(well today I guess since it's 5:22am)

  2. Ooooh - What is Stampede Week? Sounds like fun - and yes, YAY! for blue jeans. I'd live in mine if I could too. And tennis shoes. Yep.

    Glad you finally had some sunshine - perhaps everything will start to dry up now, eh?

    I know you won't let a lil' gain get you down. No worries - next week will be better, right? Hope you had a good nights sleep and are headache free today.