Friday, July 9, 2010

Lots more family time ...........

Isn't summertime great.  We had a campfire cookout tonight and had 5 grandkids and 3 adults here to share it with us.  Wonderful times when we can spend time with those we love.  Of course my eating has been all out of wack again today but hopefully the scale will be kind tomorrow.

4 oz yogurt
8 oz grapefruit sections

Smart Choice Turkey Dinner

1 hotdog
1 cup potato salad
1/2 cup macaroni salad
1/2 cup baked beans
3 slices watermelon

Marshmallow shooters (3) - I'll pay for these on the scale tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. I don't know what a marshmallow shooter is but can I have one, please? heehee

    I wouldn't worry too much - I don't think you went overboard and knowing you you were probably running around taking care of the family [Mom's are like that, eh?] and that is guaranteed to burn some calories.

    And while you figure out how to send me a shooter ;) can you throw in your dinner too? That is one of my all time favorite summer dinners!

    Take care and enjoy the weekend.