Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is it never going to stop raining........

Storms again yesterday so of course couldn't post as I don't have the computers on when we get electrical storms, always fear that we get a power surge.  Had a good day yesterday in spite of the weather.  Work was awesome, it's amazing how attititudes change when a weak link in the team disappears.  Nothing personally against the fellow that got fired but he sure didn't know anything.  My favorite saying is ""you can't fix stupid, even with duct tape".  Some people are just not cut out to do certain jobs, too bad it took management 5 months to figure it out.

Have to go do a little shopping this morning as I need to get a frame for my folk's anniversary greeting from the Prime Minister and a card from us.  I am going to pick up the DVD's that I had made from some old 8 mm home movies, I can't wait to see them.

I have to sit down and come up with a plan for my weight lose journey.  Think I will keep the special events as a guide but as Tina points out should not set any specific amount of weight to lose as it will just be frustrating if I don't make.  Instead going to just strive for a lose and keeping it off till the next event, no pressure just have to register some type of lose.  Good thoughts Tina, thank you.

My eating habits the past two weeks have been anything but stellar to say the least.  I am totally ashamed of myself.  Like Tina I think I have been suffering from some stress and depression and that is my downfall as it makes me head to the cupboard.  Need to learn how to deal with things without bringing food into it.  Anyone know a good  I know some of you are not going to think that is funny but I do because I've been there, done that and actually gained weight during the whole time.  Not sure why but I did.

06:00 - just a drink
ChiaTea (80 calories)

07:30 - Breakfast
4 oz yogurt (35)
6 oz canned fruit (60)

10:00 - Coffee
Latte (120)

12:15 - Lunch
1 red pepper (50)
1 cup 1% cottage cheese (180)
3 pieces of sushi (150)

15:30 - Snack
17 green grapes (60)

17:30 - Dinner
3 oz grilled pork chop (165)
6 little new potatoes w/3 teaspoons sour cream (85)
1/2 cup California mix steamed veggies (50)
10 slices english cucumber (50)
1 low fat ice cream bar (90)

21:45 - Snack
17 green grapes (60)

Total Calories: 1235
Spent most of the afternoon watching the DVD's of my parents old 8 mm home movies.  Wow it sure did bring back a lot of memories.  Scenes with my grandparents that have been gone now for some time.  A scene with my Dad holding my youngest son when he was a year old.  The birthday parties, camping trips, my sister's graduation, etc., etc.  Some of it brought tears to my eyes and other times I was killing myself laughing.  Thank you God for modern technology and being able to bring back these years for them.


  1. Nah - that was funny! I get where you are coming from. Stress causes people to do a lot of things - eat, drink, smoke, take drugs, isn't uncommon.

    Just try to relax and get some "me time" in for yourself - you always sound so busy! :) - I am all about an afternoon nap which is my me time but that is because I can do that [and need to] but you should take time to just decompress once and awhile. It might make your weight loss journey a little easier.

    And thank you - I am going to be giggling all day over "You can't fix stupid, even with duct tape." FUNNY!

  2. I'm so glad work is better, I love that Duct tape line haha!

    I'm sorry your feeling stressed/depressed lately(like me) but it's good you can keep your sense of humor through it! I feel a little better today and hopefully we can get to a point where stress doesn't mean eating. Hopefully soon!!!

    I have never seen a therapist, not really. I have always been wary of the whole medical community. BUT I'm sure there are good ones out there, if you're lucky enough to find one!
    Blogging is good therapy :) The support we give and get from each other means a lot, to me. AND its FREEEEE :) LOL.