Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 1 of a New Beginning .................

Well as you can see the scale was not kind to me this morning, much better than I thought but still totally out of control so I sat and had a coffee and decided that I really need to get a handle on things.  So I decided to start over at Day 1 and set some different goals for myself.  First off I am going to list some important events coming up in my life and then I am going to set a new goal for each one of them as they come up.

  1. Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary open house

  2. Birth of new grandbaby

  3. Trip to Vegas to see Garth Brooks

  4. Trip to Banff with my girlfriends

  5. Daughter's wedding

  6. Special friend's wedding

  7. Grandson's wedding

  8. Son #1's wedding

  9. Son #2's wedding

These are all fantastic milestones coming up in my life and as each one approaches I am going to set a goal for myself and see if I can achieve it.  The first on is my parent's annivesary open house on July 24th.  My goal for that is to weigh in at 265 pounds that morning.  It's not an impossible goal and I plan on getting there, so I have 23 days to lose 16.4 pounds.  I will weigh in on Thursdays and Sundays plus I will have my TOPS weigh in on Mondays, other than that I am not going near the scale. 

Tina, I have a challenge for you we both weigh about the same I would like to see you do the same thing on your blog and I challenge you to see who can meet their goal the fastest.  Remember it does not need to be a large lose or a long period of time, just whatever feels comfortable for you. 

I will post the other dates as they come up, the list of events is in cronological order but I am not going to publish the next date till the previous one has passed.

Also, please notice I have changed my blog page to a bright sky color as there are only sunny days ahead.

For those of you that were concerned about the swelling in my hands and feet you can rest easy now as I did go to the doctor and it was due to the steroids I was taking.  All done now except he has me on a light antibiotic as I have a slight sinus infection.

4 oz yogurt (35)
1 small banana (60)
1 Tassimo latte (100)

1/2 yellow pepper (25)
1/2 english cucumber (25)
1 pkg M&M mushroom soup (220)
1 small banana (60)

1 cup green tea
1 Thinsations Fudge Bar (100)

4 oz oven baked chicken (140)
4 oz steamed carrots (50)
4 oz steamed cauliflower (50)
4 oz new baby potatoes (80)
2 tablespoons cranberry sauce (60)

1 pkg Thinsations Chocolate Pretzels (100)
1 can Dole Raspberry/Cranberry Sparkler (70)

Total Calories: 1175

Hubby and I took the Pugs for a 4 block walk tonight and I feel fantastic after today.  It is nice to have a plan in place and I am not one bit hungry this evening.


  1. The new blog looks lovely - almost didn't recognize "you" - hee.

    I wish you luck in this new endeavour. I just wish you would lose the weight for yourself and not because of a function or a party. Everyone loves you for who you are, not what you weigh.

    For what you post that you eat I am so suprised that you haven't lost more. I eat a lot more, even with my sodium restictions, and can't gain a pound. And it isn't my metabolism or any exercise [can't walk too much] - so I am curious why it hasn't come off for you - have you checked with your doctor?

    Take care sweetheart - glad to know the swelling was from something you can control and not something else.

  2. QUOTE:
    "It's not an impossible goal and I plan on getting there, so I have 23 days to lose 16.4 pounds."

    No, it's not impossible, but it's quite an impressive goal. Best wishes to you.

  3. Like the new blog look, too.

    Readjusting our plans is a necessary thing from time to time. If something isn't working....change it. That sounds like what you are planning for yourself. We are all different and our bodies react differently to various methods of losing weight. You'll find what works best for you by your new approach. Hang in there and good luck with all of those weddings! Wow, that is a lot of wedding gifts to buy! LOL

    Margie M. writes at: