Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 2 - Exciting news.........

Wow, yesterday was such a great day and today was even better.  Hubby got a call from the ear surgeon's office and he has an appointment for Wednesday afternoon, can't believe it. 

I had an awesome food day yesterday but sure blew it big time today.  Future DIL came into town to do some shopping and wanted to go for lunch.  Well no problem right, something light and easy.....that's where the trouble started....she wanted Joey's Only.  Now if I had only not let my old habits kick in and order the 3 piece fish and chips and to make it worse I was full half ways through but kept going and ate it all.  This goes back to my childhood when eating out was a priviledge and if you ordered it, you ate it....all of it.  One half of my brain was saying it is ok to stop and the other side was saying "don't you dare, you are not wasting food".

SkippyMom you are so right I should be able to lose with what I eat and you must have read my mind because I did ask the doc when I was there on Friday why my metabalism is so slow.  He is running some thyroid tests and a few others with big names I can't pronounce so see if there is some type of chemical imbalance.  He also thinks part of it maybe due to my IBS....I don't want to get too technical here....but when things do not work the way they are supposed to for days at a time the body has a tendancy to obsorb all of the fat and calories that would normally be eliminated.  He put me on a high fibre supplement called PGX to see if that will help.

4 oz yogurt (35)
1 small banana (60)
1 Tassimo latte (100)

12 very large green grapes (60)
1 Tassimo latter (100)

3 piece fish & chip meal at Joey's Only (1231) (and 2061 mg salt)

3.5 oz lean pork chop BBQ'd (190)
5.5 oz steamed cauliflower (50)
4oz steamed green beans (50)
1/2 yellow pepper w/ 1/4 english cucumber (50)
1/2 cup diet jello w/3 tablespoons whipped cream (50)

Total Calories: 1976

Someone mentioned that I should be doing this for me and not because of events in my life.  I want you all to understand that I truly am doing this for me.  I am simply using the events as a calendar to set goals for myself.  They really have nothing to do with my wanting to get rid of the weight, I want to do that to be healthy so that I can enjoy these events more.  They are simply motivators and small time lines so that I do not keep looking at the big picture and try to envision losing 130 pounds.  It is much easier for me to look ahead 3 weeks and say I can get rid of 15 pounds as opposed to trying to set a date when I will lose 130.

I am so thankful for all of you, my online friends.  You encourage me and you are always there for me and that means the world to me.  Hugs to you all!!!!!


  1. Dining out with friends or relatives tends to be a problem for me. I usually do better when I dine alone, because I will ask the wait-staff to not bring any appetizers, bread, or dessert. I can't keep those things away when I'm with others, and the sight of those foods sets off my binge eating.


  2. I'm so happy that you are doing so good! Don't let the eating out get you down, looks like you did well otherwise!!!

    I see how the goals might help get you motivated. I'm definitely thinking about your challenge to me :) Not exactly sure what you had in mind... like trying to loose the same amount in the least amount of time? I'm actually doing pretty crappy at the moment- but maybe I need something like that to get me going...

    At the same time, I have tried NOT to set goals like that. Like to loose over 16 pounds in 24 days... that's a lot. I don't want to get discouraged if that day comes and I didn't do it, you know? I'm looking at the big picture, in that I need to loose a LOT of weight, and it will take as long as it takes...

    I don't know... if you can't tell- I'm a little stressed out LOL.

    I think you said you want to get to 265... do you want to see who can do that first??? That will be a nice little challenge :) I don't think I could do it in 24 days, so if you can- You will be the winner! But I'm going to quit slacking off and get going, to try and win! Does that Sound good? First to 265 wins? Doesn't have to be for money or anything, just good friendly competition :) To keep each other motivated!

    I'm going to try and think of events coming up that I would like to have lost a lot for... I can think of at least one... I'll do my post about it tomorrow.

    Your doing Great Tessa!
    OH!!! And that is awesome news about your hubby!!! Woo HOOOO! Things sound like they are finally looking up!!!

  3. Dang! Sorry that turned into a whole post Tessa! lol

  4. WONDERFUL news about your husband's doctor appt. [About time, eh?] And happy your doctor is helping you out with IBS - I didn't know that about IBS, very interesting, but makes total sense.

    After reading your menu - I want a pork chop too! Sounds yum. And I am rooting for you and Tina in the newest challenge - YAY!