Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 6 - Hard to believe........

Wow it is the 6th of July already and we have had no summer to speak of.  Today was a mix of cloud and sunshine but they are forecasting nice weather starting on Thursday for the weekend.  Had a good day today other than I was really, really tired.  Laid down after dinner and had a 2 hour nap, what's with that.

4 oz yogurt (35)
1 small banana (60)

1 pkg sweet & sour chicken w/rice (270)
2 small plums (60)
1 pkg Thinsations pretzels (100)

3.5 oz grilled pork chop (190)
4 oz cooked carrots (50)
4 oz boiled baby potatoes (80)
1 can sparking raspberry/cranberry drink (70)

1/2 cup diet jello w/2 tablespoons whipped cream (40)

Total calories:  955

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  1. Wow, that looks like an awesome group of meals today, Tessa! Way to go. I hope you begin to regain your energy and feel great soon!

    Margie M. writes at: