Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quack, quack, quack........

You guessed it, more rain overnight and now cloudy and overcast with more rain forecasted for the next 3 days.  This is so depressing, we really need so sunshine, everything is totally saturated with water, including yours truly.

0630 - Snack
1 Latte (100)

0730 - Breakfast
1 cup Sugar Crisp cereal w/2 oz 1% milk (150)
1 cup tropical medley canned fruit (130)
4 oz yogurt (35)

12:00 - Lunch
2 whole wheat dinner buns w/2 teaspoons margarine (290)
5 pieces sushi (250)

1730 - Dinner
1 small bowl of chicken gumbo (not sure of the calorie count, thinking maybe 300)


  1. Sunshine would be nice I know - but the blessing is that at least it is probably cooler there. I know that isn't exactly what you want to hear, but just trying to look at the bright side.

    Hopefully it will stop soon and the forecasters are wrong [that isn't a stretch now is it? heehee] Try to stay dry. :)


  2. Tessa,
    I was messing around on my computer wondering what someone else would be shaped like if they were the same height and weight as me,and i found your blog!When i saw your 1st post about your journey to loose weight and you were like 290.8 and 5.2 feet i knew i had a match!!Once i read your first post i realized not only do i have a match i have someone who is just starting their journey as well at the same height and weight of me.So i read some of your posts and im so happy you have been posting this journey since your day1 start.It motivates me to see that you can put your numbers and eating plans out there for the world to see,i been thinking about doing the same but havent had the courage.But now you made it easier for me.A little about me:as of 7/9/2010 i weighed 288.8lbs and only 5.1 feet tall,,im on day 3 of my journey,so i havent weighed in yet because id rather do it weekly.Im 33yrs old (female)with 4 kids.I cant blame my weight on pregnancy because i was 60lbs lighter than i am now after my 4th child.I been pretty much letting food control me and take away myself esteem.So if you would like to maybe we can keep in touch daily and share our journey together.Please read my very first post on my journey here: i just wrote it after finding your blog!Yes you gave me courage and inspiration.thanks
    thanks to you i can finally put my numbers out for the world to see as well.Thanks for sharing,,oh,i think that you carry your weight well.I see your profile pic of you and your grand baby(how cute)Hopefully others will read your blog and will be motivated as well.Thanks

  3. I would like to email you but i didnt find your email link,i commented in the post above this one and decided to blog about my journey as well.I wrote about how i was inspired by you but i didnt mention your name or blog.My question is,would you mind if i posted your blog on my post and your name some of the very few readers i have can read about your journey?
    If you dont feel comfortable with me doing this i will completly understand.Thanks again.

  4. Hi Shannon, my e-mail is so feel free to drop me a line anytime. I am glad that you found me and of course I will join you in your journey. I did go to your site but found it very hard to navigate, is there something I am doing wrong. There were a lot of advertisements. I will try again in awhile. Welcome to my blog and welcome to the fight of our lives.