Thursday, July 15, 2010

A small childs joy ..........

Well there you have it, today's weigh in.....ouch is all I can say.

We found the owner of the puppy today and her little boy was so happy, it was worth it just to see the sparkle in his eyes.  She had gotten out on them some time ago and he was devastated.  I really didn't want to give her up but he needed her more than I did.

I'm really tired tonight so not going to write a whole lot.  Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness.  A few of the girls from the office are going to go for coffee after work so that should be fun.  Also have to pick up the DVD's that I had made from mom and dad's home movies as they are ready, I can't wait to see them.


  1. I am so glad that they weren't awful, like we were all thinking [but watch your puppy people!] You are a good soul Tessa, don't you forget it.

    1.2 lbs? Isn't that a lot better than you thought? That's nothin' darling - you can work it back down, don't you worry. I told you the scale would be better than you thought. You'll get back on track, you'll see.

    Have fun at coffee tomorrow. I wish I had someone to go to coffee with but no one around here is a stay at home like I am. All my friends work.

    Hugs, love and have a great weekend! You did a wonderful thing for Piper :)

  2. That's ok Tessa, Next weigh in will be a good one :)
    That is so sweet that she belonged to a little boy. I'm sure he'll take real good care of her now!
    Have a nice time tomorrow with your co workers!

  3. Don't beat yourself up! You will be down again and that's what matters.