Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marshmallow Shooters.........

Marshmallow shooters are very easy to make and quite yummy.  Put marshmallow(s) on roasting stick just far enough so that it does not poke through the bottom.  Slowly toast over open fire till just the lightest brown.  Remove from stick and fill hole with your favorite liquor (Baileys, Kaluha, Carolin, Snappes of any flovor) and toss it back.  These are really messy but so much fun to make.

Well my weekend started on Thursday and as usual just kept going with food and fun.  I tried hard to be good but know I failed miserably.  The scale will tell tomorrow.  Think I am going to switch Saturday and Sunday with Wednesday and Thursday so that I can be sensible.  I pretty much know I blew all my hard work from last week and will have to start over to make my challenge before the 24th.  It is only 2 weeks away so this could get real ugly, real fast.

I found a blog site that some of you maybe interested in.  It is and he has all kinds of wonderful receipes using 99 cent ingredients.  I know here in Canada we have Everthing for a Dollar store and I never really thought of buying groceries there but after reading his blog think I will check it out.  I don't think that there is anything wrong with the products, they are just brand names I am not familiar with.  So check it out and see what you think.

It really was a great weekend, got to spend time with the grandkids and that is always fun.  Oldest granddaughter turned 15 today and she had her party yesterday.  Again lots of food and drink and Nana without a whole lot of resistance.  And there was lots of eating out as well so I know I am in big trouble with the scale tomorrow.  Will stand up and take it like a woman and get on with getting on.  I am going to kick this weekend eating binges that I get into even if it kills me.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Thanks for the recipe - now I know why they are so hard to resist! Will definitely be making these on our next camping trip.

    And I love the 99cent chef guy - he really is amazing. We have dollar stores too but here they don't sell the kind of foods and fresh veggies you can get at the 99cent stores [they are a west coast thing]

    Take care and I bet the scale won't be as bad as you think. :)

  2. I have never heard of marshmallow shooters!!! LOL, good thing I don't like marshmallows, or I might just end up drunk AND gaining 100 pounds this summer!!! I admire your will power with those, sounds like something I would have a hard time stopping once I got started! Like pringles hehe :)
    I will have to check out that blog.
    Good luck on the scale tomorrow!!! Here's to us all having a wonderful week! Cheers! (if we clinked marshmallow shooters they would stick together I guess! haha! Forgive me, I'm so very tired hahaha :) )

  3. Tina that made me laugh so hard. Ahahahaha! Stick together! hahahahaha