Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 4 - Happy 4th of July America

Here's wishing all my American friends a Happy 4th of July, may your day be filled with sunshine and fun.  It's another glorious day here in Canada, sun is shining and there is no sign of rain, mind you, that can change in a second.

Yesterday was kind of a strange day for me.  Those of you that have been following my blog know that my mom and I are estranged.  I don't even think she knows why she is angry anymore but to stubborn to say she is sorry.  My dad called to shot the breeze and ask if we were going to be coming to their 60th anniversary open house.  I told him we were and I asked if there was anything I could do to help or bring.  I could hear my mom in the background telling dad to ask if I could bring some sandwiches.  Well let me tell you that is the most she has acknowledged me in over 3 years.  She may not have spoke directly to me but she didn't totally ignore me either, maybe, just maybe things will get better.  I am not pushing her, I just kinda let circumstances and time put these little nudges in her direction.  I always send flowers for Mother's Day, her birthday, thier anniversay and Christmas.  At least I acknowledge her and I know that when she had her stroke some of the wiring got frazzled so it is not entirely her fault.  I really love my mom and miss spending time with her.

We are going to head off to church today and then just relax for the rest of the day.  I have some book work to do for my TOPS group, a load of laundry to finish and a showing of one of our rental units so I will be keeping busy.

4 oz yogurt (35)
8 oz grapefruit sections w/juice (100)
1 Tassimo latte (100)

1 2" sq brownie (243 - ouch)
1Tassimo latte (100)

4 oz pork burger (260)
4 oz steamed Chinese cabbage (50)
4 oz english cucumber (25)

I love leftovers.......

1 cup green tea
1 pkg Thinsations Oreo Cakesters (100)
4 oz fresh blackberries (40)

8 High Liner Tiki Island Style Shrimp (360)
90 gr Uncle Ben's Curry Style Rice (150)
5 oz baked spaghetti squash (50)
1/2 cup diet jello w/2 tablespoons whipped cream (40)

Total calories: 1653


  1. Independence for everyone!

  2. How sweet of your to wish us a happy 4th! Thank you.

    I understand about your Mom, but knowing you I am sure that their open house will be a nice time for you both. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    What kind of sandwiches are you going to make? [If you haven't noticed - I love food. heehee!]

    Hugs and have a great day.

  3. Thanks for the 4th Wishes Tessa!
    You are a very forgiving woman, it is really nice of you to still acknowledge your mother and understand that somethings may not be her fault... I'm sure it's not easy. I am not so forgiving, maybe I should be but I'm just not. Since you do miss her and love her, I do hope that everything works out!!! I hope she realizes what a kind daughter she has!