Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I love Wednesday's ........

It has been a super duper day today.  The sun is shining, birds are singing and I accomplished lots at work so that makes me feel good.  Seems like all of a sudden my life is becoming hum drum, no one to complain about, nothing to upset me, wow that's a first.

Have to get back to posting what I am eating so here goes:

4 oz yogurt
1 cup grapefruit sections w/juice

1 pkg frozen sweet & sour chicken

1/4 frozen 12" all dressed pizza
10 slices english cucumber
1 can sparkling fruit juice
1 low fat ice cream bar

Shannon, if you are reading this I could not post on your site this morning. 


  1. Glad everything is going so well :) I'm going to join you in having bright and sunny days!
    What brand of sweet and sour chicken meal do you like?

  2. Hum drum is the best part of my day! I love a non crisis kind of day, week or month :) [for us, in our home anyway]

    So good for you especially that is was a great. sunshiney, productive day - ABSOLUTELY STELLAR! woohoo!