Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 8 - Time with the family ..........

It's been a great day, future DIL and the kids came in.  They are going to spend the weekend and do some fun things around town.  I took them to see Marmaduke this evening, it was hilarious, they really enjoyed it.  Think I overdid it with the food today, especially since I had popcorn and iced tea at the show.

4 oz yogurt
1 orange

1 pkg Smart Choice Seasame Chicken w/Rice
1 pepper
1/3 cup cucumber
2 plums

spaghetti, hamburger, tomato casserole (I forgot to measure how much I had but I think it was probably more than I needed)

1/3 large bag of popcorn
medium iced tea

It's funny when other people are around I totally forget to watch my food intake, I really need to work on that problem.


  1. It's nice you had a good day with your family :) I don't think you did to bad!
    275.4! Is that your lowest so far??? Either way, you are doing great!!!

  2. Hey, how is it going with the Tessa & Tina M Challenge?

  3. Movie theatre popcorn is so wonderful, almost impossible to resist. True fact they have an ingredient in it that makes it tastes better than store bought [can't remember what it was tho' oops]. I love movie theatre popcorn. I miss movie theatre popcorn. [Heck outside of sodium I can't have the cost of movie precludes us from going - it is up to 12.75 here for a matinees.]

    And I am with Tina - you didn't do too badly - keep going - you're doing it! :)