Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 210 - Letting down my hair ......

Well today was the deadline for filing taxes here in Canada.  I got all of my clients done with half an hour to spare, and they all got refunds.  People always think it is strange that I do taxes for other people yet have an accountant do ours.  There is a reason for that.  We have rental units and they keep changing things around all the time and with capital gains/loses, it gets a little more complicated than I feel up to tackling.  Hubby picked ours up today and it was good.  He gets nothing/pays nothing.  I get all that I paid in last year minus $0.01, that is how close the accountant cut it.  There is even some to carry forward for next year, I'm a happy camper tonight.

Well I kinda went astray this evening.  We had a little get together for my boss who is retiring.  So we went out for drinks and hordy derves after work.  I was good till the food came and I must admit that I probably ate more than I should have but so be it, tomorrow is another day.

1 pkg regular instant oats
2 oz milk
4 oz yogurt
1 banana

2 cups chopped cucumber & peppers w/1 tablespoon dressing
10 whole wheat crackers
17 green grapes

2 Long Island Iced Tea
2 coconut shrimp
6 boneless dry ribs

Thank you all for your comments and concerns.  We have still not heard anything from the doctor so another weekend of waiting.

I have been trying to incorporate lots of fruit and veggies into my food plan.  I feel so much better when I do and everything goes smoothly (if you know what I mean).  Yes, I over indulged tonight but I feel good about what I have been doing so I refuse to feel guilty about the night out. 


  1. You are right, no reason to feel guilty. We all are going to have nights like that sometimes. It's not like you do it every night :)
    You're doing great, keep up the good work!

  2. Way to go Tessa! As I say, fruit and veggies (especially veggies) were my ticket back to normal weightness. Check out my blog, I gave it a makeover. I am glad to be your friend during this difficult time life has thrown your way. xxoo