Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 190 - Use proper condiment portions........

The little things like ketchup, relish and even pickles can add on extra calories if not used in moderation.  I went grocery shopping this morning and got some wonderful deals on frozen dinners like Smart Ones, Michelina, Lean Cushine, etc.  I once tried Jenny Craig and was spending almost $150/week, not including fresh fruits and vegetables.  Today I bought enough frozen entree's for both my husband and I for a month plus fresh fruit, vegetables and breakfast cereal for a week and it was only $124.00.  A big difference from $1000/month with Jenny Craig.  I even like the taste of these ones better than the Jenny Craig so I am more likely to stick with them.  We use them for lunch time as I am working and hubby can fix one for his lunch.  Along with a salad and fruit you get a hardy meal and stay within portion control.  I know they are a little bit high in sodium but we still try to stay within our 1600 mg daily limit and most times can.  Also, there is a lot more variety with these than with Jenny Craig.  I must give myself a pat on the back for finally outsmarting one of the diet industries biggest money grabbers.

1 pkg instant oatmeal
4 oz 1% milk
4 oz yogurt
1 kiwi fruit

1 banana
granola bar

I knew I was going to my granddaughter's birthday party so wanted to make sure that I had a few calories left for cake.

1 bunless hotdog with mustard/green relish
fresh veggies
cheddar cheese cube
1 2 in sq piece of burthday cake (I took the icing off of it)

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  1. Whatever will keep you on a plan or program, is the way to go. As long as you try to get a balance in the food items chosen for any given day and eat those fruits and veggies you should do fine.

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