Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 183 - Back in the land of the living ......

Feeling much better today, although I am still really tired.  Even managed to eat and keep it down.  You don't have to worry about me winning the challenge as I have been living on gingerale the past few days and it was not the diet kind.  It seemed to be the only thing I could keep down so I have been drinking it by the gallon (well 2 litre bottle anyway). 

1 pkg instant oatmeal
4 oz milk

1 bowl wonton soup
1 kiwi

4 oz roast pork tenderloin
4 oz roasted potatoes and carrots
4 oz fresh blackberries

If I can keep this down then I know that recovery is mine.  Definitely not the most balanced or nutritionally balanced meals but it was all that appealed to me so will take what I can get.  Hopefully tomorrow I will feel a little stronger and be able to get back on program.  I am really glad that we did not make any plans for Easter dinner with the way I have been feeling.  All I want to do is rest and recover.  Hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend.


  1. Haha, I was just kidding about the challenge thing :)
    I am just so glad you are feeling better! I hope you feel even stronger tomorrow and have a Happy Easter!
    Thank You for your encouraging comments :)

  2. Good to hear your doing better!