Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Counting down to Vegas.....

Well, I'm starting to get excited about heading off to Vegas, nine more sleeps and it's party time.  Hard to believe I've been planning this since last November, just wish hubby was coming with me, but maybe next time.

1/2 cup yogurt (35)
1 small banana (60)
1 slice toast w/1 teaspoon margarine (150)

1 raw pepper (25)
1 pkg Stouffer's Salisbury Streak (240)
1 pudding cup (70)

1 cup cooked peppers w/mushrooms (50)
2 scrambled eggs w/grated cheese (290)
1/2 cup cucumber (25)
1 tea biscuit (110)


  1. Sounds exciting! Vegas baby - just make sure what happens doesn't stay there and we get to hear all about it [pics would be cool too. I am not needy. At all. I swear. but, um...please? Pics? lol]

  2. I agree with skippyMom, I want to hear ALL about it!
    Doing great with your food!