Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm in a rut..........

Ok, I found the camera and decided to update this post before I move on to the next.  By the looks of it I should have made sure the camera stayed lost.  Yikes, what is going on with me......wait a minute, I's called relatives.  Every time they show up for a visit I have to cook for them and then I over eat.  Even if I don't way of buffet........I over eat.  Crap, any chance I can get them all to stay at their homes for the next 6 months.  Not likely, but I can wish.

I'm in a big rut, weigh in this morning put me up again (will post picture later).  It's late and I am tired so heading to bed with lots going on in my head.  Tina, if you are reading this, please remember that I have you in my thoughts and payers.


  1. I'm sorry if it's my fault you are up late and didn't even get to post your pic!!!
    It means a lot to me that I am in your thoughts a prayers Tessa. It really does. Thank you :)
    Don't worry though, it will all be ok. I know it will work out.
    Maybe I'll keep some more to myself so I don't put extra stress on others! That was not my intentions at all, and I'm sorry.
    Thanks Tessa. Hugs.

  2. Oh my goodness Tina, my being up late had nothing to do with beung your fault. I couldn't post the pic cuz I can't find the camera, again!! Hubby moved it and can't remember where he put it!!! Please don't even think about keeping things to yourself, your blog is your destresser, you need it. We can all agree to disagree but that is life. Hugs.

  3. You crack me up Tessa - I have the same problem too - finding my camera half the time - but this week I have an excuse - it is in Rhode Island with Squirrel. lol and boy o have I missed it.

    Hope you have a great night's sleep. :) Have a great Tuesday. And please come over and visit and tell me what the heck to make for Pooldad's office tomorrow - please?

  4. That should have been "HAD a great nights sleep" hee

  5. Ok, good :)
    Don't let the gain get you down, with all your wii exercise, I bet you will see the results next week!!!!
    And Thanks Tessa, you're right about it being a de stresser too.

    I know where BOTH my camera's are... and they are BOTH pieces of CRAP! :)

    Hey SkippyMom, I remember trying to think of what to put in your daughters care package, maybe her own camera??? then you wouldn't have to miss yours!

    K, Hugs to you both, have a great day :)