Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weigh in day ......

Well that looks pretty good, 4.8 pounds in a week.  Makes me happy and just goes to show that I can do this when I put my mind to.  Today I am going to start using my Wii again a little everyday to try and start toning some.  I am not a big fan of exercise but know it is important to the overall weight lose program and good health.

1 egg (80)
1 slice dry white toast (90)
1/2 cup sauted mushrooms (50)
1 large black plum (40)
1 latte (100)

1 pkg SmartOnes Ravioli Florentine (250)
(this was not a good tasting dish...way too much sauce...)
1 cup raw veggies w/1 tablespoon calorie wise dressing (65)
1 pkg Thinsations Chocolate covered pretzels (100)

1 pkg Michelina Indian Butter Chicken (350)
1/2 raw red pepper 7 1/2 english cucmber (50)
1 slice white toast w/margarine (110)
1 fat free ice cream bar (90)

Total Calories: 1375

I learnt a valuable lesson today:  invetigate before making a bad decision.  We had to run to the bank this afternoon and since it was so hot I thought we might stop and get a Dairy Queen cone on the way home (soft ice cream is my ultimate favorite).  So I looked up the nutrition guide on line and wow .... 230 calories for a small cone.  Needless to say I came home and had one of my fat free ice cream bars for 90.  It certainly pays to look up calorie content before making a decision that can ruin the whole day.  I am a little over the 1200 calories for today but still below the 1500 that is the max I am allowing myself.  Could not get in a walk today due to air quality and mosquitoes the size of baseballs.  So I am off to do a bit on the Wii so that I get in my exercise.  Hope you all have a pleasant evening!!!


  1. Great job Tessa! WOO HOO!

    The Wii is a great idea - I love my daughter's and it gets these old bones a'moving! Or I can play with her sitting down [which is really kind of nice on some days :)]

    Have a great week. And congrats!

  2. A BIG LOSS! Congratulations!

  3. Good job with getting back to the Wii, great idea.

    And NICE LOSS!!!! 4.8 is awesome!!!! Look out 270s!!! We are TAKING OVER!!!!! Woo Hooooo!