Monday, August 2, 2010

Crap, I have to start all over with today's post .....

I had today's post all nicely typed and my computer hicupped and poof there it went.  Horrible thing is it was a really good post and now I can't remember half of it.  Grrrr........  hey, I went back in and the program actually saved a

Looks like we are in for more stormy weather, it is cool, cloudy and attempting to rain. Took hubby to the medical clinic this morning, he's been having some stomach distress for the past few days. Doc figures it is a flu but that he now has an intestinal infection (like my sister had, wonder if they maybe ate something the rest of us didn't), so put him on antifbiotics for a few days to see if that helps. I also got my meds straightened out as the last time they messed up on some dosages that had to be changed.

Stopped at the store to get prescriptions filled and picked up some fresh fruit and veggies. I am now addicted to the produce They also had frozen vegetables on sale so I picked up some of them and some snack bars (100 calories or less). I am going to do this, come hell or high water!

1 slice toast w/1 teaspoon margarine (125)
4 oz yogurt (35)
8 oz grapefruit sections w/juice (100)
1 latte (100)

1 pkg Michelina Lemon Chicken (350)
1/2 english cucumber (50)
1/2 cup fresh straberries (25)

1 pkg Michelina General Tao Chicken (450)
1/2 cup green beans (50)
1/3 english cucmber (25)

Total calories: 1310
Wii Time: 30 minutes


  1. I have only lost a whole post ONCE and I was furious! I hope that doesn't happen again!
    Wow, now your husband has the stomach problems :( I hope it all clears up FAST and no one else gets it!

    The produce isle is a wonderful thing to be addicted to :) I'm going to try and follow in your footsteps and become an addict too hehe. I am so impressed with all of the fruits and veggies you are eating, your doing great!

    Nice job on the 30 minutes of Wii too!!!!

  2. Thanks Tina for your support. I really have become a fruit and veggie addict. I can't seem to get enough of them sometimes. I do get the carb and protein cravings but am trying to be regimented with how many of them I get in a day. I've been trying something new for the past week or so and will post about it tomorrow. It seems to be working so hope I can keep up the momentum.