Sunday, August 29, 2010

Living in the past ......

Well today I decided to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes......geneology.  I spent most of the day on the computer searching for information to fill in the blanks on my family history.  It felt good just to sit back and relax, I actually made some headway so that was a bonus.

1 Aunt Jemima Bagel w/egg & cheese (270)
1 maxichinno (60)
1/2 cup fruit cocktail (70)

2 tuna salad on whole wheat buns (300)
1 cup raw veggies (50)
1 cup diet jello (20)

1 pkg Smart Ones Salisbury Steak (200)
1/4 cup couscous (160)
1 cup raw veggies (50)


  1. What a good day. It is amazing how low calorie the frozen stuff is that you eat - I can't imagine trying to make a Bagel/egg and cheese for only 270 calories, even if I used the mini bagels. Oh and salisbury steak?YUM I love that stuff - but our homemade [which we call mystery meat, heehee] has got to be higher than that. I am glad that the food manufacturers have thought to make them tasty and low cal.

    My Aunt is the big geneologist in our family and she is amazing - I have my father's side all mapped out - going back forever. My Mom, not so much because she is less than forth coming with info on her family [her Dad left when she was 5 - and had 9 more kids in Nevada - I know nothing] so I can't get past her mother's side of the family and that seems a no go too.

    I am glad you had a relaxing day. I am making tuna casserole for dinner - but what I really want is Mystery meat. LOL
    Thanks for the comment today - it made me smile [and come over too! to see what you were up to] and your titles are great. YAY

  2. You are doing so good with your calories!
    That is awesome you are finding all about your family history. I have tried, but don't really get anywhere. I wish I knew more!!! I remember bits and pieces about what my maternal Grandma told me about the European side some, but she disowned us so I won't be getting anymore from her lol.
    I asked my Dad's sister, and she is a big help, she said I could come and look over her book... not sure what all is in there... Guessing a lot about the Jewish side but nothing on the Native American side... I am SOOO interested though! All that stuff amazes me, I can't wait!
    What sights have you used to help you? Have you tried that If so, is it any good???
    I've seen people on tv get their mouth swabbed and find out what percent of what different nationalities they are. That would be SO awesome...

  3. Ah Tessa!!!
    I was trying to figure out who stopped following me the other day... and it's YOU! You don't want to follow me??? sniff sniff.... whaaaaaaah!!!!
    I'm kidding of course :) It's just weird that your name disappeared off my 'followers' thing like that. Blogger has been acting funny lately lol. It erased my comment for your blog too!

    hmmm... if you really do want to stop following me, and for me to stop commenting... let me know lol :) I won't harass you, promise!

  4. Tina, what the heck are you talking about? I haven't undone anything, hmmmmm, strange. You ain't gonna get rid of me that easy, so suck it up princess, cuz I'm staying around just to torment