Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wow, wow, wow .............

It's been a couple of packed days so let's get some of it out of the road.  First what I have been eating:


4 oz yogurt
1 cup grapefruit

1 pkg Uncle Ben's Sweet & Sour Rice (380) - a little high so have to be careful with these, but they are good
1/2 cup applesauce

1 snack bar (100)

Went out to an East Indian restaurant with some of the girls from work.  We shared a lot of different things so I just had a taste of each, not sure of the calorie count but here goes:
1 piece chicken, lamb, shrimp and vegetables from an appetitzer plate
1.5 pieces of cottage cheese patty fried
2 pieces veggie balls
1/2 cup beef briyana w/mango chutnet
1/2 piece nan bread
I passed on the dessert, it didn't look all that appetizing.

As I said not sure about the calories but tried to take small portions.


1 cup grapefruit
1 latte

Taco Time Beef Taco Salad w/Ranch dressing (can you believe that 1 pkg of the dressing is 200 calories and they give you 2, I only used a little bit of it once I read that)
diet pop

1/4 frozen pineapple and ham pizza
1 ice coffee

I came home last night determined to get hubby's computer back up and running.  He had gotten a virus from somewhere and we shut it down about 3 months ago.  I finally decided either I get it fixed or off to the junk yard it goes.  So after about 3 hours it was totally clean, the printer was working again (it had quit as well) and hubby is back in his own corner.  I have one more that I want to try to clean up as it has all my geneology on it so will give that a whirl sometime soon.

My brother got engaged yesterday.  He lost his wife to cancer almost 2 years ago and has been seeing this lovely lady.  So he popped the question and she said yes.  His wife was 15 years older than him so it will be nice for him to have someone closer to his own age and sharing his interests.

Got news that my son is going to be taking a job about 4 hours from us.  It makes me sad but it is a promotion for him so that is good.  It's with the same company he works for now.  It means I won't get to see them as often but so is life.

Hubby and I went to the mall this afternoon as I needed ink cartridges for the printers.  While we were these we met up with our grandson so we had a nice visit with him.  He had just gotten in from a camp job and was killing time till his girlfriend got of work.  He has matured so much in the past couple of years and I am really proud of him.

While at the mall I made an investment in the Wii Biggest Loser game.  I have been a little bored with the Wii Fit so decided I'd try this.  Also, got a fitness program for my DS.  It has a step counter that you wear and at the end of each day you plug it into the game and it gives all kind of information.  So I should lose weight like crazy now with all these new gadgets.

Thanks Tina and Skippy for the awards.  I'm afraid I'm not sure what they are all about and I don't really think my blog is so awesome.  It's just about me and pretty boring at times.  Thank you though that was very kind and thoughtful of you.  Skippy you are right, you , me and Tina are like the 3 Muskateers!!!!!  Look at us go!  Hugs to you both!


  1. What a fun filled week you have had! WOW. Congrats to your brother. That is wonderful.

    Didn't know you are such a computer whiz. Amazing. I am lucky I can type, let alone fix something. :) You go girl!

    I want to get Wii fit for when the winter comes and I won't be able to be out in the cold so much [walking the dogs - that is my sole means of exercise - I am staying off of the bike for now :) heehee] But I don't want my ol' joints to seize up. So I was thinking if the Wii fit didn't take toooo much coordination it might be a good thing to have?

    And you completely deserve the award Tessa - yours is truly a blog of substance - you are very inspiring, to me and others and I look forward to seeing your bright, shiny face everyday. Thank you.

    Yep! We are definitely the Three Muskateers :)

    Hugs and have a great Sunday.

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Congrats about your brother, glad you like her :)
    Sorry about your son :( That's to bad that he is moving... Good for him for getting a promotion though!

    Good for you getting the Biggest Looser game. Let us know how you like it :) I still want to get the wii fit... my wii is acting up though, so it won't be anytime soon.
    I have a DS game like that, I think it was weight loss tracker or something... I really liked it, the pedometer clip ended up breaking, and then I just quit using it, now with the blog and counting calories on my own it would be to much for me to do. I hope you like it!

    The 3 Muskateers :) I like that :)
    Your blog is 'just you' and that's WHY it's awesome :)
    It's about your weight loss struggles, as well as your everyday life. You let us know what's going on, and never make excuses. Your blog is pretty much what mine is modeled after lol. Maybe that's why I like it so much hehe :) So you are QUITE welcome :) and you DO deserve them!