Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a girl ...........

Sorry, missed posting last night as we had another one of those horrid storms go through.  Thunder, lightning and lots of hail, it's been a horrid summer.

My newest grandbaby was born at 9:30 this morning, a beautiful baby girl, 6 lbs 13 oz and her name is Alex.  I can't wait till tomorrow when she gets home and I can go cuddle her.

Been doing ok with the food.  The Biggest Loser is a really hard game to keep up with so have to do a nit more practicing on how to enter things.  I really messed it up and entered like 13000 calories for one day and couldn't figure out how to erase them.

1 pkg instant oatmeal w/2 oz milk (150)
4 oz yogurt (35)
1 cup grapfruit (100)
1 latte (100)

1 snack bar (100)

1 cup raw peppers/cucumbers (50)
1 Chicken Terriyaki Bowl (270)

1 snack bar

1/2 frozen pizza (440)


  1. Congratulations Tessa!!!!! :)

  2. THE MOST AWESOME NEWS Grandma! YAY! Happy Birthday to Alex! :) Enjoy.

    I had to laugh at the 13,000 calories booboo. I am surprised the screen didn't pop up with "you are now officially dead" or some such. heehee - You'll get the hang of it I am sure - you are better than I [I am constantly having Wallene sign me up for stuff on the Wii b/c I suck - no coordination whatsoever]

    Have a great week and enjoy the new baby.