Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I could just scream ...........

I have had no internet for two days now and I just want to scream.  I had major words with our carrier last night and all I heard is "it must be something inside the wiring of your house".  I could have strangled him, but I agreed to let them have a service tech come and see if he could find the problem, but he can't come till tomorrow afternoon.  By now I'm spitting nails and my blood pressure is about ready to cause me to have heart failure.  But of course I am at their mercy.

I came home from work today not to be daunted by a lack of internet.  Had hubby do a couple of things that might be the problem if it is our wiring, no luck.  Cleaned off my desk so that the tech could get to the wiring and decided to reboot and try one last time.  Voila, I had internet, how comvenient for them.  So I called to cancel the tech and they said "we'll have him drop by anyway just to check".  My question was "and who's paying for this", response "well you are of course".  Needless to say, my cork blew and I had some very choice words in relation to what they could do with that idea and if the tech shows up and I get billed for it there will be hell to pay.

Now I have vented I feel better.  Crap, I hate it when these things happen.  And of course because I wasn't able to blog I got into all sorts of food items that I normally wouldn't.  So now I am back on line, tomorrow begins a new day.


  1. Grrrr!!!!!! I HATE that! We have Comcast, and they are just such a pain it the butt... ugh. I really feel for you. Have you ever seen that place on tv, where you go and pay to throw plates?? Just smash a bunch of plates!?!? I think it's in Japan. I love the idea. That's what you need :) Have any old ones you don't want anymore???? LOL :)

    Even though it's only been 2 days, I really missed you! I am glad you are back :)

    Try not to let them bother you. If they come, don't let them in and they can't bill you.

  2. I miss you again!!! lol :)
    Please tell me you aren't in prison for murdering that poor cable man.....

    But seriously, I hope all is well!
    Hugs :)