Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is life really worth the hassle ...........

It's amazing how life goes from one day to the next and things just change rapidly.  Up till now our life has been pretty even keeled.  We live comfortably, don't spend excessively and work hard for what we have.  And all of a sudden we find ourselves on a down hill slide.  Had to take my inheritance check from my Uncle and make our mortgage payment today.  Our rental units usually pay for themselves (we do not make any money on them, but they are a good investment, or so I thought).  We have one empty unit and now I find myself having to put our own money into them to keep them afloat.  Utilities both on our house and the rentals are due and there is no cash to pay them.  We thought of selling but the economy is so bad right now we'd lose our shirts if we sold.  So as of today we join the millions of others in the world that have to stuggle to make ends meet. 

Went to the grocery store and could not believe the price of fresh produce and every thing else.  Can see where I am going to have to get inventive and use up what is in the cupboards before buying anything else.  And of course with this comes my feelings of inadequacy because I'm powerless to do anything about it right now.  I really have to work at this or I will lose what little I have gained (or gain what little I have lost). 

I did set up the Biggest Loser on my Wii last night.  It is an interesting program so will see how it goes.  Have been wearing the pedometer from the DS program I bought all day.  I actually got them both at the used games store yesterday so they were a reasonable price.


2 pieces french toast w/small amount of margarine & diet syrup
1 latte

salad w/dressing
Stoffer's Fried Chicken dinner (230)

iced coffee
2 slices french toast w/margarine & diet syrup
1 banana
1 snack bar

toasted fried egg sandwich w/cheese & fresh tomatoes


  1. Welcome to the club!
    But seriously, I'm so sorry- money trouble is NO fun. I hope that empty unit gets a tenant soon! I know it's hard, an it sucks, but YES- Life IS worth the hassle!!!!
    I know stress is SO BAD for our weight loss, but hopefully we all can help each other through it. It looks like you did pretty good today! And you did the pedometer- good job!
    It's hard to stay away from food when we are stressed, but I know you can do it :) You have been doing really good.

  2. Life is definitely worth the hassle - what would we do without you? ::hugs::

    Sorry, I am really sorry that it is so tough right now - especially when you have done your best to get ahead by investing and doing the right thing - spending wisely, saving, etc. - I know y'all have worked hard and this economy has just been a stinker [I could use another word but I only inappropriately swear on my own blog :)] - It is coming back around if you can just hold on a bit. Please?

    You are doing awesome and I know the fresh food costs more, but think of all you can buy in lieu of fast food or pizza, right? I tell myself that every time I just want to dial the phone and order in. What can I buy instead of spending that $20 on delivery? Then I realize I can get grapes, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, bananas, peppers and lettuce - which in our house will last us a week. It drives me crazy that healthy stuff is more expensive, but it is a fact and we have to deal with it. I can't have processed or fast food so healthy it is. Our lives depend on it.

    [am I helping at all? Sometimes I just feel like it is tho' I am telling what you already know. Sorry]

    Keep up the great job Tessa - you are doing it - and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. I understand your frustrations. Sometimes you feel like a dog trying to catch it's tail. You get so close..and then whammo!

    Have strength and courage. This will sort out in the end, and you will be stronger and more confident. Remember, this is a journey.