Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 121 - 280.8 lbs

As you can see from the food list of yesterday I went off on a tangent.  Why, I have several reasons but none of them are good enough to be used as excuses.  I was really tired when I got home and hubby had been dealing with one of our rental units that required some major work in it.  Let me back up here a bit so that you have the whole story.

We have 3 duplex rental units as investment property.  One particular unit seems to have a curse on it because if anything is gonna go wrong it will be with this unit.  At the end of last month we discovered that the new heating system we installed less than 3 years ago was a dud so we had to replace it to the tune of $10,000.  The renters in the top unit moved out and stiffed us for 4 months rent.  So well waiting for the new heating system to arrive the old one blew a pump gasket and caused all kinds of water damage to the walls.  And due to the unit being empty, insurance does not cover.  Hang on it gets better.  So because I work full time and cannot get to the cleaning we have to hire it done - $600 later and we still have to get the handyman in to fix some little things, the oven needs to be fixed and get the carpets cleaned, probably all totaled another $1000.  So in the past 4 months a loss of income of $8000 and expenses of $20,000 (mortgage and taxes still had to be paid even though it was empty).

I got home yesterday afternoon and got a call from hubby saying that the cleaning was going to be $200 more than originally thought.  I blew a gasket and there was no one here to listen to me except the dogs and they really don't care.  So I said screw it and headed to the cupboard.  Ate two peanut butter sandwiches before I could stop myself.  I did stop though and that is a bonus on my part because normally I would have continued on and ate the whole loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter so that was a new step for me.  As I said none of what happened is a good enough reason to go on a binge but at least I did manage to stop before it got way out of hand.

When I started this blog I said I would be honest and I will be.  It will not do me or any of you any good if I am not.  And even in spite of my little tantrum and losing it I stayed the same so that gives me hope that today will be a better day.  We have 2 birthday parties to go to so I am going to have to be really, really careful what I do.  Now all I have to decide is what am I going to eat today.  Thinking I need to up my protien a bit and less carbs for my meals and hopefully that will counteract the birthday parties.  Will keep you posted.

1 egg fried in non-stick pan with Pam
1 slice processed cheese
1 slice whole wheat toast
4 oz canned mandarin orange pieces

HealthyChoice Gourmet Steamer General Tao's Spicy Chicken (300 calories)
1 raw yellow pepper

Well survived the granddaughter's birthday, had some veggies and dip, a very small piece of cake that I shared with the birthday girl and about 4 small swallows of a Lime Pepsi (daughter forgot to get diet soda).  So all in all not too bad.  The big test comes now as we are off to the adult party.  Had a small piece of hard cheese just now and will try really hard to continue with the veggies.  Wish me luck.


  1. It's ok, at least you did better then you used to! maybe when you feel stressed out, break out that Wii and release it that way... I know EASIER SAID THEN DONE! :)
    (Oh, and I would definatly suggest a charger and rechargable batties for that)
    Just keep being honest and keep trying! tomorrow is another day!

  2. I just finished reading your blog from start to finish and I have to say I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

    What a great job you are doing and your blog is very engaging. I have clicked as a follower and will put you on my blog roll at my blog so I can see when you post each time.

    Keep up the great work. I know you are going to do it!