Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 115 - 281.8 lbs

What a day!  Started out ok, doing laundry and getting things in place for next week.  Eyes were still burning and itching so I went to the clinic and I have a nasty eye infection.  So got some strong drops and if it is not better by Tuesday I will need to go on oral antibiotics.  Crap I really hate those things so hoping the drops work.

Put a lovely pork roast in the oven for supper and then the phone rang.  It was my dad complaining of chest pains and not feeling good.  So off I go to take him to the hospital.  That was at 4 p.m., it is not 10:30 and I have just gotten home.  I am exhausted and still have laundry to finish  before I can go to bed and I have to work in the morning.  Oh well guess I will suck it up and do it, at least my dad is ok, they think it is probably acid reflux.

So needless to say my food has been a mess today.  Breakfast was fine and so was lunch but it was late.  I have just had dinner and totally wrecked it as it is so late.  Back on track tomorrow.

100 g yogurt
1/2 banana

1 1/2 cups homemade navy bean and ham soup
1 mandarin orange
1 pkg Quaker Crispy Delights (90 calories)

2 roast pork sandwiches on whole wheat bread with mustard


  1. i found your blog off of stacys blog and i joined your and megans today but i dont know why it wont let me leave megan a comment but it let me leave one to you so thats good
    looks liek your doing great
    keep it up :)

  2. It is a falsehood that eating late is bad for you.

    The only time it is bad to nosh late or in the middle of the night [and what causes weight gain] is IF you have already had all your calories for the day.

    You hadn't had dinner yet so your body was ready for those calories. Just because you go to lay down to sleep after eating has nothing to do with gain because you aren't "moving/exercising" - you just don't want to pile a 4th meal onto the 3 you ate that day.

    That is why they always say it is bad to eat at night - most people are adding to an already full day.

    I think you did great! Whole wheat and mustard? Can't go wrong there. Congrats.

    [and if you don't believe me about the late night eating try Googling it, really!]