Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 119 - 280.8 lbs

Up early this morning as I am going to start working an extra hour a day so that we can stay caught up.  There are still 6 positions that haven't been filled in my office so the work load is double for most of us.  My boss was good about it when I told her I would put in some extra time to help out.  She ok'd it but no more than 1 extra hour a day.  It's so much different than my last position where they would take advantage of you every chance they got.

You'll notice I have plateaued this morning which is really no big deal at least it's not a gain.  I know my meal plans look pretty boring but I just keep thinking it is only fuel for my body.  As long as it tastes good then what difference does it matter if it is the same thing every day.  With that said, I ran out of bananas so breakfast is gonna be a little different today.

1 cup mini wheat cereal
1/2 cup 1% milk
100 g yogurt

Garden salad with 1 tablespoon calorie wise dressing
1 ounce hard cheese
1/2 cup tuna
1/2 canned fruit

3 oz beef tenderloin with onions and mushrooms in a light gravy
1/2 cup mashed potatoes
1/2 cup kernel corn
1 cup green beans


  1. Don't sweat the plateau! you are doing great! I don't weigh myself everyday, well I TRY not to. I think i am easily discouraged lol, and seeing no change annoys me. I try to only do it every couple days but only record it once a week. But if it doesn't bother you, thats even better!
    still can't post on megans, hope she saw your messege...

  2. Just got done reading your whole blog, so now i am caught up! Did you know that you started off in the 100s? It confused me at first LOL.
    First i wanted to tell you what i TRY to remember: JUST ONE. Like if you are going to have some bread and butter or sausage patties with a meal, ok, but JUST ONE.
    YES keep posting what you are eating, I want to know LOL. But the main reason is you will think twice about eating something if you know you have to write it down and share it with all of us! (it works for me, i don't have a blog but i write down what i eat EVERY day)
    And last: Your goal is HUGE, and i hope you don't mind me saying: I think that is unrealistic and i don't think you will do it in the time left. It didnt only take one year to gain it, and it won't take only one year to loose it. If you HAVE to have a goal weight thats ok, but I wouldn't set a date for it. Just do the best you can! Thats what matters! When that date comes i hope you can be proud of what you have lost, even if it isn't 140 pounds!