Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 103

So I am wondering just how important is dieting to losing weight.  At work today all the ladies in the lunchroom were either talking about different diets or drinking special smoothies or power drinks.  I think I was the only one there with a modest sensible meal of salad, protien and fruit.  It seems as if the work is fixated on dieting and not so much on getting healthy and living a good life.  And on top of it all I was chatting with the lady I am training with and she was telling me about the Idiot Diet that her and her mate have been on for awhile now.  It sounded so good I decided that maybe my hubby and I should try it.  So I can home got on the internet and followed the steps on how to make a meal plan and printed it out.  All of a sudden I got a feeling that this was just another waste of time and money because there is not way that a person could make this a life time eating plan and be happy with it.  So I think that one is going out the window and back to the basics of good eating.

At our 12 step meeting this evening the leader went through her thoughts regarding abstenence and dieting in relation to the 12 steps of recovery and that really brought home some important points.  Living healthy isn't all about the diet and exercise but being able to handle the stresses that cause the overeating in the first place.  Wow what a concept.

My other question is how important is it that I post what I am eating daily on this blog?  Do you really care what I am eating and will it be of any assistance to me in the long run?  I have to think about this and mull it over with my sponsor to see if perhaps I need to get another approach to how I am handling this.  Perhaps it's just the journaling that is important to my recovery and weight lose. 


  1. I see you are in OA too. I have been working the program for a couple of years now. It really keeps me in check too. You really inspire me. Keep up the good work!


  2. I have been reading backwards and I have to say I enjoy seeing what you eat and am very proud of your choices - Girl you go to A LOT of birthday parties LOL - but you continue to make great decisions with regards to the food.

    I, personally, like reading what you eat. And the stories about your days - keep up the great work. I will read regardless of whether you post food - but I like that you feel it keeps you on track.